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Latest Dev Blog: Q&A Reveals Information

Discussion in 'GRID 2' started by Leon Charmant, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. The following Q&A was taken from Codies' latest dev blog entry and answers some of the most frequently asked questions about GRID 2.

    We recently asked you for your questions based around Single Player and LiveRoutes, have a question that didn't get answered? Let us know in the comments below.

    We caught up with Executive Producer Clive Moody who answers your questions below.

    Q) Why did you get rid of demolition derby?

    A) With any game development there are always ideas and features which don’t make the final cut for a whole host of reasons. It’s tough to make a call for one feature versus another, but in this case we had already created bespoke Demolition Derby experience with Showdown, so we have put our focus into some genuinely exciting new stuff for GRID2.

    Q) Will you be able to have a teammate, like in the original GRID?

    A) GRID2’s career is structured a little differently from the original as you are competing against Clubs, each with their own race styles and drivers. Your goal is to beat them, win over fans of their particular racing discipline and bring them into the World Series Racing, where the greatest drivers compete.

    Q) We will be able to customize the car with sponsors like the first GRID?

    A) GRID2 has comprehensive car livery customization, which include sponsors. Each sponsor comes with their own objectives to help further your career. The online modes take customization a stage further, also allowing mechanical and body upgrades to improve the performance and handling of you cars.

    Q) Are the crashing and damage physics similar to the first game, and does the driving feel like the firsy Grid as well?

    A) Crashes and damage are an essential part of the GRID experience and have a number of improvements. As well as metal deformation we now also have a fully dynamic carbon fibre damage model. We give the player more control as well; the full GRID damage experience that affects both the visual look of the car and performance, or just the visual damage, without any degradation in the mechanics. The driving experience is pure GRID only this time underpinned by our new TrueFeel handling system. Take a look at the Codies Blog for more details on TrueFeel.

    Q) Will we be seeing street circuits or the classic racing circuits like spa in 2?

    A) There will be street circuits such as Chicago, Paris and Dubai, classic racing circuits including Brands Hatch, Yas Marina and Indianapolis and completely new for GRID, open roads, like the California Coast highway. Each will test your driving skills across a diverse array of race types.

    Q) Is there a career/story mode?

    A) There is a deep career mode that has a narrative to give the player real purpose and context. At the outset you get scouted by the entrepreneur, Patrick Callahan. Callahan has a vision of unifying all of the diverse range of racing clubs around the world into a single World Series and in the process find the world’s greatest driver. You set out on a dual journey with him. Entering into events within these various clubs and leagues, winning over their fans and best drivers to bring them to the WSR whilst at the same time proving yourself as the ultimate driving superstar.

    Q) About the Pagani Huayra: will you feature its active aerodynamics? The front and rear flaps deploying to improve downforce?

    A) Downforce is affected on all cars which contain active aerodynamic components, including the Huayra.

    Q) How many tracks in #GRID2 will have liveroutes?

    A) All of the street racing city locations in GRID2 support LiveRoutes

    Q) Will the tracks with live routes also have them implemented online?

    A) Liveroutes are fully available online. This makes for some really exciting online races as no player has the advantage of having been able to learn the track.

    Q) For those of us who are Rally fans & are used to it being us VS the clock. Let us know how GRID2 will get us excited.

    A) Time Attack and Checkpoint game modes both pitch the player against the clock. Time Attack over a set distance and Checkpoint against an ever ticking down clock, with bonus time for passing through checkpoints. Both are classic racing game modes and incredibly addictive.

    Q) How will LiveRoutes affect lapped players?

    A) Because of the dynamic nature of LiveRoutes you don’t see lapped cars. LiveRoutes are distance based rather than lap based. Actually, there is no real concept of a lap because you are never guaranteed to come back to the point at which the race started and hence start and finish lines are not necessarily at the same point on the track.

    Q) Can a particular LiveRoute be repeated for saved hot laps, or do we just make our own notes and do restarts?

    A) LiveRoutes are dynamically changed each time you start a new event and because there are millions of route combinations you are highly unlikely to ever get the same route twice. Once in a LiveRoute event, you are however free to restart as many times as you like and will be able to drive exactly the same layout.

    Q) Is it safe to assume that upon restart the particular LiveRoute will be repeated and not altered from the initial run?

    A) Correct. You can restart a LiveRoute as many times as you like and it will run with the same dynamic configuration. Exit completely from the event and the next time you enter an entirely new layout will be generated.

    Q) In single player will we be able to drive any car on any track?

    A) We put no restrictions on driving cars to particular tracks. If you want to take an Indycar around the Paris streets for example then you can. Be warned though, combinations such as this are incredibly challenging.

    Q) Will the actual driving and handling be like the one in the latest videos? Or will it be like the previous GRID and possibly a little better?

    A) The handling is as seen in the videos and you really need to play it to see how we have taken everything that was great about the previous game and made really significant improvements. Have a look at the Codies Blog for more details on Handling and TrueFeel.

    Q) What details can you release about drift mode? Cars, tracks, drivers, modes?

    A) Drift mode will comprise of score based events, with each round taking place on a short track, packing in corners perfect for drifting opportunities. Scoring is based on speed, angle, proximity to drift post markers and the length of the drift. It takes real skill to balance all of these and we don’t add any assists on the cars, so winning is down to pure driver ability. We’ll be releasing more information of all the cars later, but rest assured drift classics like the Nissan Silvia and Mazda RX-7.

    Q) Will the progression in the single player game be the same? as in complete challenges, obtain points to unlock license, unlock more challenges.

    A) GRID2 single player progression is built around the number of fans you have. Competing and winning in events will earn you greater adulation and hence more fans. A growing fanbase means you will get invited to compete is bigger and more prestigious events, as well as getting access to more powerful cars. In addition, there are ‘side mission’ promotional events and vehicle challenges to earn you additional fans and also win new vehicles for your garage.

    Q) Will Grid 2 feature damage similar to the original Grid?

    A) Everything that was great about the original GRID damage we have kept, but also added some great new effects. Carbon fibre bodywork now splinters and breaks rather than deforming in the way that metal parts do. You will now also have the choice between full visual only or visual and mechanical damage, which affects the performance of the car.

    Q) The damage modeling was what kept me hooked... especially with instant reply. Will the damage be superior in every way in GRID 2?

    A) It is superior in every way. More deformation, more particle effects, carbon fibre which now splinters and shatters, instant replays and now the ability to share your greatest crashes with direct upload to Youtube straight from the replay.

    Q) Does "Corner cutting detected" influence the game?

    A) Corner cutting is a critical part of our new anti-cheat systems, which mean you will not be able to gain an advantage by taking detours off the track. In the original GRID we put billboards and tyre walls on corners to prevent the player from being able to cut corners. In GRID2 these have all been removed, with our new corner cutting system calculating if a speed or positional advantage has been gained. When detected, the player’s car is slowed for a period equal to the advantage gained. This works across both single and multiplayer modes, keeping races fair and also helping to educate the player that the very fastest laps are achieved by keeping to the racing line.

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  2. Woohoo, mechanical/performance upgrades are in :D It remains to be seen how detailed the upgrade system will be, but I'm liking it already. Another thing I'd like to know, is how ''comprehensive'' is the ''conprehensive car livery customization'' actually? I'm guessing it'll be somewhat similar to the one in the original where you pick from a number of templates and apply colours, although I would wish for a livery creating system as seen in the Forza Motorsport series where you are completely free to do anything you want with the car livery.
  3. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Aww, no more team management :( One of the best parts of Grid's singleplayer
  4. In my opinion there wasn't really team management in GRID.. if anything having a teammate always felt so shallow to me. It was a nice addition, but during races I couldn't care less about him. I just regarded my team-mate as just another opponent, really. Should CM have wanted me to care about him then there'd have to be a genuine storyline with relationship buildups, but clearly that wasn't the case in GRID. Take a look at the TOCA Race Driver series.. the stories were not that sophisticated but at least there was a father who died or a teammate you would despise.

    If by team management you mean the option of racing with your actual friends in the same team.. then yes, I do hope something like that'll be available for multiplayer. I'd like to be able to create an actual team, have the same livery for every car and invite friends over to join. In GRID you had to actually manually guide your friends in the process of selecting the exact same livery template and colours as you, so that you'd be racing with the exact same livery :p
  5. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Yeah, it was only one teammate, but I mean you still had your very own team that you sort of build up, and I liked to make stories as I moved up in the world. I was hoping they would add on more to this like having more people work for your team, and set out to compete in races. Instead they removed it.

    As for the online team management, I had some ideas about it too. Would've been cool to have sort of a co-op mode, where, like you said, you race for the same team, and compete in various events. I guess we'll find out this Thursday what CM have in store for us with multiplayer.