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  1. @TheBoldPart - I believe what you describe mostly is discrimination, just because some people are members of project cars does it mean their opinion cannot be accepted and that we should be punished?

    We do not have anything against people saying bad things about Project CARS as long as it is, like you said, made with a constructive criticism and not based on speculation or "guesses" without any evidence, because that is not constructive at all.
    Some members have made critics recently to pCARS with a constructive criticism and no one else if i recall has done anything against it or said bad stuff. So i dont see the point of this. (i even liked one of them ;) )

    We also do not need advertisement or recruiting as we are currently closed for new memberships and it isnt clear yet if it will even be possible. :)

    I agree that we should get back on topic also.
  2. Mark Quigley

    Mark Quigley Licensed

    I'm sure the next time, if there is one, we will be forced to keep our mouths shut by agreeing to a NDA.

    The people at SMS have trusted us without a NDA but some insist it is their right to abuse that trust, only because they have a keyboard, access to a forum and an opinion.
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  3. I agree on that, the NDA could solve alot of the issues that currently exist in that matter.
  4. Andy Jackson

    Andy Jackson Licensed

    They could never have a NDA with members who have paid to be consultants. Now if those consultants were paid like normal consultants, an NDA would be possible. Anyway, they are not consultants, they are investors.;)
  5. Theres no such thing as investors in here Andy, common read the TOS @ pCARS before going that way :)

    Still no interest to get back on topic ?
  6. Mark Quigley

    Mark Quigley Licensed

    What is the topic of this thread?
    Oh yeh, one persons opinion.
    That one person can not see any changes in recent builds.
    I would ask Andy to stop playing with live handgrenades, you can not test any racing game (I expect a spanking for calling it a game) blind and absent your arms :p
    An NDA could have been implemented at the start long before any of this unfolded. We were provided with an alternative, a better alternative, we were asked not to show the project in bad light. A NDA would solve all this nonsense as people would have less freedom to say what they want.

    Can you back this up with facts or are you just saying this because it suits your argument?
    I'm sure consultants in many industries need to be kept quiet about the knowledge they aquire while working for for various companies.
    I will shut my face if you are also a lawyer as well as a physicist.
  7. Andy Jackson

    Andy Jackson Licensed

    You can just shut your face and read my previous posts Mr Quigley. You obviously have not bothered. :rolleyes:
  8. Andy Jackson

    Andy Jackson Licensed

    Call it what you like Bruno. Everyone else in the world calls it an investment.

    Now lets get back on my topic. Latest build for me has got worse in one respect. It keeps crashing, big style. So much so that I look forward to the next and hope it's fixed.
  9. Mark Quigley

    Mark Quigley Licensed

    I never let my lazyness in reading the whole post get in the way of a good argument :D

    Doing the following has helped me get consistent ffb, consistent not better.

    "I believe that it is best to make a "Custom" game profile for each sim and be sure to check the "allow game to change settings" but, ONLY in the custom game profile - NOT in the Logitech Profiler Global Settings. It is said that not doing it this way will make for very inconsistent FFB results as the controller INI file can be altered by different games if allowed in the Global settings. This may also explain why people using the same wheel get very different FFB."
  10. Andy Jackson

    Andy Jackson Licensed

    Thought so. :rolleyes:
  11. Mark Quigley

    Mark Quigley Licensed

    Ok, The finances of the project should have nothing to do with keeping your mouth shut about what you are working on which is what a NDA is about.
    A NDA can be forced on anyone involved with any project no matter how that involvement came about.
  12. Hello boys. I've been sort of lurking a bit to see how things are going, but I think I can offer the correct point of view on the whole 'investor' question. As is the case many times, the answer isn't black and white simple.

    There are investors of pCARS. I think there are 11 of them. These are the 'Senior Managers' of pCARS, of which I happen to be one. Everyone else is a 'Team Member', bound by the Terms and Conditions of WMD. They are not 'investors', and for legal reasons, that's a very important distinction. They are better considered as contractors that are providing a service to SMS in the development of the game. The T&C's make it very clear why WMD members are not investors.

    On the other hand, the Senior Managers are investors. Each has a contract signed by Ian Bell, which details all the particulars of the financial arrangement. It's very similar to the WMD T&C's however. It's just a legal reality that in order to get someone like Roger Graham to front SMS 250,000 euros for development that a different type of arrangement is necessary. SMS needs a variety of different types of participants, from the many juniors - managers, up to those who can invest a significant amount, which is needed to cover development costs in this new type of paradigm.

    Of course, nothing is perfect and people can nit-pick the system to death. However, I think we would all agree that being free from the constraints of a publisher and being able to be involved in the day-to-day development of the game is a good thing. It's an iterative process that has worked remarkably well, and as issues come up, we deal with them in a sensible way and move on. If somebody wants to start a company and crowd source the funding, while expecting to be perfect at it their first try, they're more than welcome to give it a go. I hope they have much success.
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  13. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton Premium Licensed

    I never considered my Team Member status as an investment, merely a chance to try the game early and if I had a opinion be able to offer it.
    I'm perfectly happy with the fact that people who are much more experienced and knowledgeable sim racers than myself test and advise on the pros and cons.
    We all benefit that way. I think the point that the developers have no publisher pushing them is a real plus point. Just a pity that the game has attracted such virulent proponents and opponents.
    Still it shows passion for the product. (cue chorus"Always Look On The Bright Side Off Life":whistling:
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  14. Andy Jackson

    Andy Jackson Licensed

    Latest build is crap for me. Telling it how it is. Keeps crashing continuosly. Hope next build fixes it.
  15. Try deleting graphicsconfig.xml + graphicsconfigdx11 + your config in your documents/CARS directory

    Remember to reboot your computer
  16. They pay a certain amount of money and are promised a share of potential profits, and this share is proportional to the amount of money they paid. Looks like an investment, swims like an investment, quacks like an is an investment.
  17. Mark Quigley

    Mark Quigley Licensed

    Semantics and creative use of language.
    Example, I invest my time with people i do not like, doing something I hate for financial recompense but am not an investor.
    I honestly do not know how to differentiate between what sms are doing and an investment, all I know is I never once thought I was making an investment. I payed a few bob to get a nosy at a new toy, simples.
  18. Christopher Hall-Nelson

    Christopher Hall-Nelson Premium Licensed

    I have to agree that being free of a publisher, we can get a game that feels like a full on sim while looking like as perfect rendition of life as we can get with the tech. We don't have to worry about x amount of billboards being built for adverts that are nothing to do with our racing, or have to tame the game from what the vision is because some executive somewhere cant get their head around of not having the sides of the track filled with crap because "it looks too bare and people wont like that", doesn't make it a terrible sim.

    Its our collective vision coming to fruition, and every weeks build it changes that little bit extra to show there are different way to bring a Sim and a game, and a work of art together, and where we can say with pride, "We made this"!
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  19. Nathan Robinson

    Nathan Robinson Licensed

    I agree, i have never felt like an investor. I like racing games of all kinds and knew i would buy this regardless of what it ends up being. This just allows me to buy it eatly and get an ever changing demo to play until it comes out. It will be a good racer of some sort when its done.
  20. A good solution which would solve the problems WMD is having with the authorities would be to cancel the financial returns to all members. Then the situation would be just like many of you describe, you have paid for a game in advance instead of making an investment. Everyone would be happy, right?

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