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Latest Build testing.

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Andy Jackson, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. As you all know, Ian gave me a free pass to test the latest builds and that's what I have been doing for the last week. I will report here as and when I see fit to tell all about my findings.

    But I will say that the latest build (296) is quite good. Now lets make some sense of my statement. I used a Lotus 98T in helmet cam using my antique MOMO red wheel and I can honestly report it is coming along much better than I anticipated. The actual feel and immersion is damn fine at this point. The handling is strange at first compared to say...RF2 and FVA, but it grows on you within minutes. At this point in time, this actual car feels good. I like it and I love the Milan circuit. The damage model has come on leaps and bounds.

    I am doing some more testing all of next week using a G27 and I will also test some of the other cars that don't interest me as much (I am a F1 nut) and see how the feel in comparison to Shift 2, because that is what I was initially comparing PCars to.

    I would like the replay function to have a directors mode though. Something that jumps from action to action and from car to car.

    Aside from that, the replay's do crash my PC quite often but I understand that is being looked at.

    Watch this space.
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  2. The reaction on the FFB changes have been from one extreme to another. I personally enjoy whatever they did. There is definitely more strength in the wheel. I also noticed a little feedback from the new M1 under braking which was a nice addition.
  3. Yeah the FFB does seem to be coming along build to build. I still think it's in WIP status and hope they aren't resting on this. But the game is evolving and that's what I like to see. Speaking of "see" the BMW doing a Transformers in front of my eyes in replays made me chuckle. We know it's early on stuff so people need to keep their shirts on about it. At least we're getting to wheel them around early and are able to comment.

    I was waiting for cars like these to get my hands on as they're more inline to what I like to drive when I can in a sim. I think they need to be a little more "lively" though but still a nice start. I seem to be taking a framerate hit all of a sudden though. I'm going to try car/combo that I know was previously smooth to verify.
  4. they're definitely not going to rest here with the FFB. I'd expect more improvements in the coming weeks/months. b296 was a real game changer.

    My FPS with my AMD955/ATi5770 is about the same. Give your PC a reboot, sometimes it helps.
  5. I was disillusioned with the last few builds. Then I decided to update to this build after reading these posts.

    I can feel a difference, and I like it! So much more feedback from the cars, and I'm enjoying the Z4 GT3.
  6. Can anyone beat my time with the ZondaR at Derby using pro mode no assists except auto clutch if you want?....I don't think I can go much faster, but guy at no1 is using ABS, so is the guy at no3, so I'm not sure where I really am there..

    Re the FFB, not sure what to make of it, it reminds me of the coarse FFB from iracing cadilac under braking, but it lacks the front end fidelity that any of the good cars from GTR evo has, but in some ways it puts ordinary GT power pack Zonda on notice.

    I'll check this again tomorrow, as it might be my GFX settings, but the Zonda still seems to have that pivot oversteer around some corners which feels like lag.
  7. I'm SouthPawRacer - I got a 1:19.545 using pro mode handling and auto clutch.

    I find that the Zonda R is very skittish in the braking zones - I get around that by downshifting only when the car is settled, and it seems that you can really stick in the throttle without the car protesting too much. It's really only the last sector that I'm not completely satisfied with - there's another tenth or two in there I think.
  8. You're obviously a good driver Rhys, but I noticed you did it in ext cam mode:cry:
    I'll have another go tomorrow, and if I can't find much time within 10-15 laps I'll leave it!!
  9. Yeah, I use hood/T-cam in most cars because I believe it only makes sense to use cockpit view if a) your FOV is set to the right value and b) you have a triple screen or big TV as your monitor. If this isn't the case then your view is like that of a camera strapped to the virtual driver's head, and doesn't accurately reflect what you would see in real life. My monitor's not that huge, but if I get hold of a TV (or by some miracle, a triple screen setup) I will definitely use cockpit view.
  10. Watch the downshit from 3rd->2nd on the Zonda R, unfortunately the gearing difference is rather large so the back end tends to come out (catchable). You can adjust ratios and it improves the situation a little (move 2nd all the way right and 3rd all the way left to bring them closer together).
  11. Did a 1.18.1 from cockpit view with a gamepad, could go faster if it wasn't for the 3rd to 2nd downshift problem, which is far too extreme even with adjusted ratios. The steering is also very twitchy, at lower speeds the car has a lots of steering angle, possibly too much for a car of this type. I used the default setup with reduced fuel and a longer 2nd gear.

    The game plays quite well on pad, could be better though.
  12. I've had a 26in LCD for 4yrs, so I started sim racing with it.
    I don't drive tin tops with anything but cockpit view, but I'm inclined to race owers with Tcam if the cockpit mode is restrictive or weird looking, for example, in rf2, I use cockpit for the F3.5 and FISI, but T cam for the 60's F2/3 as they look wrong in cockpit.
  13. oh, someone went 1m17.1, so more work to do there, but I think I'll put my time into F1 2012 demo.
  14. Now that is arcade/simcade. :geek:
  15. That 1:17 lap can be ignored. The user who made it (jomardi) has a timer bug, which is currently discussed on the forum. All his leaderboard times are unrealistically fast, using default setups and many of his records were set within minutes of each other. So it's obvious his lap times are not exactly right.
    He's no alone in this situation at the moment, there are 2 other drivers with the same "symptoms"
    The bug is related to some timing anomaly generated by a certain kind of overclocking.
    Seems to be quite common on gaming laptops or particular motherboard/cpu combo's which feature a form of dynamic OC (usually AMD based).
    The issue is being addressed as we speak and a fix was announced to be included in this Friday's build.

    That being said, 1:17 is quite likely achievable by a good enough driver.
    I've only managed 1:20 with relatively safe driving , but I haven't driven the Zonda since build 230 something and I definitely need more practice with the car.
    On weekly events I'm usually placing in the upper part of top 50, 2-3 sec. off the leader's pace (e.g. with a genuine lap time). All of which makes that 1:17 very likely achievable by many a veteran/alien drivers.
  16. After reading your posts again, I decided to have another go using cockpit view to see how I'd do. I was actually surprised at how good the view is in the Zonda R... it allows me to place the car a lot better than other cars' cockpit views.

    I improved on my time - I now stand at a 1:18.880. Low 1:17s aren't reachable without anomalies of some kind in my opinion, though I'd like to be proven wrong.
  17. To me it's about doing as much as possible to simulate the real thing, and once you get used to it, it's effectively normal!
    SMS>CM's anyway, lol.
  18. Wouldn't mind that ghost lap!!
  19. I dont't think CM and SMS are in direct competition anymore so the comparison is unfair.

    More like SMS vs. PD vs. Turn10

    (CM is up against EA now the way I see it.)
  20. A low 1.17 even 1.16 is possible, I did a 1.18.1 with a gamepad and no aids, if I could hook up the whole lap and put more time in a 1.17 is on, and this is without any setup changes except for longer 2nd gear and low fuel.