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Released Las Majadas

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by zaxxon, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. It's a new track, based on a real road in Spain (near Las Majadas, in Cuenca).

    Version 1.4:

    - texture change in part of the road
    - new physics for the road. Now there are clean and dirty zones. Thanks to "liquido" for this improvement.
    - Better fps (4-5 more in my PC)

    Version 1.3:

    - New sky
    - Mountain's texture slightly changed
    - fps raised

    Version 1.2:

  2. Looks very interesting! Can't wait to get those RBR-imported files...
  3. No RSRBR v1.2 link? :doh2:
  4. Done.:act-up:
    First post has been updated with the link.

  5. zaxxon... could you make also a video of mount herman... would be nice! :)
  6. That's a good idea. In a couple of days there will be a video of Mount Herman's track.:waiting:

  7. Very nice track!

    Very interesting tarmac road, although a bit crazy at times, trees very close and with a WRC speed is over 180kph. :D That combined to those interesting long crests and the narrow bits make this one of my favourite "clean" tarmac stages. Gives a very nice adrenaline rush!

    I want more of this! :good:

    PS. I calculated an average speed from my own best time. I'm still learning the track and I have many places where I could go much faster. Still, the average speed is a mind blowing 138 kph! :O (Focus 06)
  8. The real road in Spain is narrower (5-6m instead of 8m), but my brother asked me to make it a high-speed track. Some portions may be boring or not interesting, I know, but at least it is different from other tracks I know. In this track you must have good skills for braking when driving at high speed. And I suppose that if you are under competition and you go on the limit, things are not so easy and the road doesn't look so wide. And the trees are so close...

    I am glad you like it.:victory:

  9. Version 1.3 is ready

    I have updated the first post of this thread with a link to the version 1.3 RBR exported files.

    The most important changes are a new sky and increased fps.
  10. Can i suggest you to use tree walls for greater FPS. This way you could probably delete 2/3 of the trees.
    Great track :)
  11. Very good stage!I enjoy driving fast. Your sky is beautiful and the stage runs a lot better on my pc than before :good:.
    Your "zaxxon" method for the terrain looks really great! Thanks for the file!!
  12. zaxxon, may I ask will you continue doing your great stages? :) All of which you have released to this day have been very good and well made. I'd love to get more in the future. :good:
  13. Thanks. I will do it if I have to.

    Thanks for your trees.
  14. I know it's big work but i suggested it because i get very low FPS in forest sections, at the start are all fine :)

    NB! I need to remake my EST xpack for better performance but sadly its not going to be compatible with current one (learning new things every day :cowboy: )
  15. Version 1.4 is ready

    I have updated the links of the first post of the thread for version 1.4.

    The new version has a few more fps and new physics for the road.

  16. **** man... great sky! How you do that ? :hypnotized:
  17. No secret. It is just a huge 3D object with the shape of a semi-sphere and the texture of a sky photo. Well not really a semisphere: the radius (plane xz) is 6000m and the height (y dimension) is only 1000m (but it was originally a semisphere).

    You can open de BTB project and inside the Cielos1.zip XPack you have the object used for the sky. cielos2 is its name. For some tracks using it can be as simple as changing the texture.

    The semisphere is only suited for some tracks (those with little change in elevation), but I am thinking of creating a complete sphere so it could fit any track.

  18. I've just seen the video on youtube and I think I'll have to give it a try, but am still afraid of the FPS/trees..