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Skins Larrousse 88 for F1 1988 Mod Final Version for 1.3

Extra Car for keith Windsor's great Mod

  1. mungopark submitted a new resource:

    Larrousse 88 for F1 1988 Mod - Extra Car for keith Windsor's great Mod

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  2. Hi. Thanks for these two skins, do you have plans for any more ? Is there any more teams in '88 season on the first place ? :)
    Another thing... that mod, if I remember well, had drivers specific ("rcd" is it?) files and your skins/cars don't. Wouldn't that be a problem, or will we "only" have two nameless drivers ? Perhaps if you could make those, it's not that hard I believe. :)
  3. hi. with the original mod and my two cars you have all the cars which competed within the f1 88 season. so, no more cars to come.;)

    rcd - files: you can quickly make your own ones. just copy/ paste any rcd-file from the game to your hd, rename it (driver name) and open the file with editor/word pad or something similar. then, you just have to fill in the driver name and alter his performance. just save the file and copy it to your installation.
  4. I know I can.
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