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Lapped car gifted top4 finish

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by lionsol, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone.

    Well, there I am bombing around Melbourne in 8th place with my Lotus team-mate (Trulli) in 21st. As I round the last corner, my engineer announces that I've been bumped to 9th. How?, I cry, I've not been passed by anyone!?

    Checking the results I see that Trulli, who I passed earlier in the race, has been gifted 4th spot. Evidently, he was lapped by top 3 (Webber, Hamilton, Vettel) and crossed the line before real 4th placed guy (Petrov) but got classed as 4th, dropping everybody else down a place.

    Has anyone else encountered this and if so, do you think it might be corrected in the upcoming patch? A pretty serious issue in terms of race result/championship standings. This was running a full race.

    Can't believe how cheated I feel!
  2. That happened to me in aus also, i was running 10th but on the last 2 corners the engineer told me to get the place back, I thought huh?
  3. This is because: "Trulli is a lot faster than you - come in and copy his setups." I'm sure your engineer has told you this and you ignored him. Had you done so you could have flown round a lap in 0secs like he did and finished above him.
    I am wondering how I was following Schumacher on the last lap of Monaco about 8sec behind. I went into the tunnel, all clear, came out and I was in front of him. I almost felt sorry for the old man - haha.
    Just one of the many bugs in the race - have you reported it to CM?
  4. did you get any time penalties as this can seriously affect your time 10 secs penalties can cost you 4 or 5 places
  5. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    I have seen Chandook finish in 4th place after I took a win at Melbourne.