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Lap times and servers

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Steve O'Malley, May 18, 2011.

  1. Should there be a difference in achievable lap times on different servers?
    Example – Last week F1 92 at Donnington. Fastest laps offline = 1.075, Scott Becks Server = 1.078, RD Server 1.08.8.
    These with the same car setup. I have also noticed this happening in previous weeks where I enter the RD server and find my times are about a second or more slower than I was expecting, based on practice times.
  2. This has been a well known issue with practising offline to going on servers. Most practise online so their times are consistent to online race nights. Sometimes even the set up you have made offline want work for you online. This isn't something that happens often but it does from time to time. The server itself plays a big part in what you see on your PC. There's a number of factors that come in when you go online. Most just except it as the norm and practice online all the time.
  3. Thanks for that. However, the times I achieve online in Scott’s server are also about a second faster than in the RD server. Would the amount of other people in the server make a difference?
  4. As Doug said many things come into it when we race online, I have noticed that whenever I upgrade my pc (gfx card, ram or cpu) my lap times get slightly lower and I’m more consistent. Not sure of the reason why but it’s just what I find, also the better frame rate I have the better times I can achieve.

    In relation to different servers and different lap times same thing, ping could be a reason or something as simple as what time of day the session is happening, what’s the track temps etc.

    Sorry don’t have real answers just theories. lol
  5. What session was it Steve? The rFactor game actually up's the grip in the qualifying session compared to practise. The way I understand it qualifying session on-line is roughly equal to test day offline.
  6. The particular session was Sunday Lee. Seems to work in reverse for me though.
    As I tend to do most things backwards I have started to think about Frame rate and stuff. The game looks ok for me but would it be true to say performance will be better with a better FPs and also what FPS should I aim for or what do most people run at?
  7. By session I meant was it practise or quali etc
  8. Sorry Lee, I meant practise in Scotts servers seems to be quicker than Qualifying in RD Server.
    Probably nothing really Lee but I noticed the same thing at Brands. Couldn’t count Detroit cos I didn’t get a clear Quay lap.
  9. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

    I am quite sure it doesn not! :)
  10. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Niels is correct.

    The affect you may be feeling is differences in time of day, which means different ambient and track temperatures, which means difference in grip. Only slight, but it can be very noticable.