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lap time issues

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Eric Plasencia, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. hey guys I've been having really tough times setting good lap times. in 2011 I was able to qualify well and compete in the race. But in this new game I am not even close. I'm using the same steering wheel and in game settings. I drive without assists. my times are 4-5 second off the pace. I tried putting on the driving line and still I can't compete. has anyone had this issue. I don't get how my skill can be so much worse from one game to the next. I am running the laps over and over but I can't get close no matter how perfect I nail it. I'm using setups posted here that perils get times that are well on pace. But I can't get it. this can't be my skill.
  2. I get a bit slower lap times from 2011 but for the most part I don't have a drastic change. The only thing I am struggling with is career mode since tire simulation is mandatory so my lap times are a lot lower. My time trial lap time in Malaysia is 1:34.75 and in career mode I am struggling to get sub 1:40 with the top cars getting 1:36.xx
  3. well I only play career mode and my times are like 5 second off the pace. in 2011 on legend I used to qualify mid field with Williams and force India but now I can't get into second to last place. I have noidea why.
  4. Could of provide a video of one of your qualy laps? I think it's going to be easier to analyse what you are doing wrong.
  5. Worry not, you're not alone.
    In F1 2011 I was leading the Legend championship in a Sauber. Now, with Williams and on Professional, I was 16th and out in Q2 in Australia. The fastest laptimes I can pull off on that track are highish 1:27...
    The problem is - I also don't know what exactly I do wrong (or too slowly). Even with the same setup, I can't make the car turn as easily, as other people.
  6. I play on Xbox. I can't get a video. I guess my best bet is to lower thedifficultythough it greatly pains meto do so. I'm one of those SIM psychos. I need to be as pure as possible
  7. Probably going to get told I need to practice more, but in all honesty I've analysed laps set by other players on youtube, used their setup (which does help a little), but there's no way I am able to follow the same line they do, and keeping up a similar speed. Its got to the point where I'm starting to think there is some kind of grip bug effecting some people and not others. I've read plenty of tips about going slower in/faster out, easier on turning the wheel etc, and tried all that. If I could see someone set those lap times on my pc (shame I don't know anyone close by). I'd be ready to eat my words.

    So I sympathise with the OP.