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Lap Time issue

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Dastal74, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Good morning all,

    I have a big problem with the lap time: is not the real lap time but higher than 2"!!!

    We use Team Speak and we can talk while playing. We tried to run side by side and see the lap time at the end of every single lap.

    You can immagine: we are doing a championship and my qualify are always crap because my lap time is higher than 2".

    The problem is a lag probably but we tried to disable the replay file, open the router, change the audio setting, and more.

    If someone have a suggestion I'll be grateful.

    My computer configuration:

    Asus P6TSE; Ati Radeon HD4870HD 1Giga; Ram 6Mega in triple; Pentium Core i7 920; router CiscoWAG54G2.

    Thank you
  2. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Not heard of anyone having problems with the lap times when comparing players as it should be bang on the only thing I know for sure is the AI times are fictional.
  3. So guys? Noone have any suggestion?
  4. I dont really understand the problem you describe.

    Lap times, lag and PC config problems all seem like unrelated factors.
  5. Unrelated factors? Btw what you suggest?
  6. I dont know what to suggest as Im not totally sure what you are saying the problem is.
    I realise english might not be your native language by your location, but if I dont understand, I cant help.

    Are you saying your PC spec or network lag could be causing slow lap times?

    Real lap time? You mean like real life F1 lap times or the game timing doesnt match your own timing?

    So what happend?
  7. This may or may not be related but a weird thing happened to me in a career race last night in Singapore. In the middle of the race the game froze on me for a few brief moments. It froze about three times for about one second each time. Fortunately I was on a straight so I did not crash off the track. But once the game returned to a stable state where everything was back to normal, I noticed the AI car that was about 4 seconds behind me prior to these hiccups was now only about 1 second behind me. I am sure it is unrelated, but I assumed a frozen game would freeze everything. The AI race must have been running in a different process thread than what was controlling my driving. If the AI car(s) had passed me, I would have been really flustered. LOL
  8. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    This actually happens to me in most races at some point sometimes twice if the race is 100% Single player and Multiplayer.
  9. Same here, but normally im not on a straight! I swear I can hear my hard drive do a spin up after it happens, wonder if its a power save thing which affects the game.
  10. Yep, happends to me too, usually only once every night though. Tonight it did it when I was in the paddock !
  11. same here, but not so often
  12. My problem, or issue, isn't as yours above.
    The problem is with the lap time during qualify and race.
    If I try to compare my lap time with my friends on-line (we use Team Speak) my lap will be 2 second higher than theirs.
    For example: we start running closer, side by side, cheek to cheek for an entire lap and after that we compare our time: mine are always 2 second higher.
    I'm going mad with that.
  13. I have the freezing issue at times as well...hmmmm.

    Dastal, are you and your friends in the same general location or are your friends in a different country?
    Maybe a server issue with Codemasters?
  14. No mate we are all Italian... Last night I tried to play only in two, one friend and I and the problem was lower. I'm meaning that if we play with 12 players in the room I have this "retard" on the lap time about 2 second. Last night was three tenths. Than I could blame my connection but is strange... I have 20 mega cable... Or maybe could be the router... Or the DSL filter... At this point I have to do some connection test.
    If anyone have some suggest, please let me know.
    Many thanks guys.
  15. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Maybe this is the problem online with me guys thats why I can do quaalifying on primes hehehe.
  16. Yeah Andrew you must have the reverse of Dastal74's problem! In fact, maybe you are stealing his 2 seconds! Give them back immediately! :D

    It is a very strange problem indeed. Unless the game is visibly lagging, stuttering (a bit like our issue) then I dont see how internet connection or pc could affect the lap times. Its almost like saying a fat guy would lap slower than a skinny guy.
  17. Internet shouldn't affect his times directly, but if he's seeing the other guy as behind where he really is on the track due to lag, he could be 'keeping up' with a point the game considers behind the other guy's car. It is an odd issue though, and that's really only a best guess as to what's going on.
  18. Issue solved.

    Thanks to all
  19. And the problem was......? :D