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Lap/sector times, interval times

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Bahger, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Sorry, but I've never driven rFactor (although I have a lot of experience in GTR2/GTL as wellas iRacing) so I don't know if it's possible to get a running tally on the HUD of lap times (current vs. last or fastest), sector times (again, with comparisons vs last or fastest) and interval times between my car and the one in front. I'm assuming this is possible either in the sim or via an add-on, but maybe not. I'm also wondering if any of you use an add-on telemetry program. Thanks!

    EDIT: I believe it's the Enter key to cycle through basic telemetry displays...
  2. I use two programs. Sometimes one and sometimes the other: I'm not able to decide what is the best...

    GID plugin and rfHUD

    Try and see...
  3. Thanks sinarca, I will look into these.
  4. rFDynHUD wrks well for me, you can edit the display to your taste, and show split times, lap times, gaps, fastest laps, fuel consumption & prediction, & more :)
  5. It's in the HUD, check your controls for assign to the key you want
  6. Can't find that too, there isn't a way inside the game to see sector times? I only have the best lap of the session, can't even see the time running...
  7. Thanks, but during test, we can't see it? The only thing i see is my best session time...
  8. we can
  9. well, i can´t... what's the controler's setting name to that?
  10. lcd mode