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Land Rover SIII 109 - Hybrid

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by mbw13, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Before the term 'hybrid' was used for that Toyota badged piece of rubbish, I grew up with the term hybrid being used when transferring a Land Rover body onto a Range Rover chassis / running gear. In the 1980s the conversions were usually for the more subtle coil sprung, not so much the engine or gearbox as they were pretty much the same in both vehicles.

    Here's a work in progress.

    Work completed
    - Finished model (was an abandoned project)
    - Lengthened and fitted Range Rover Vogue (Classic) chassis
    - Mapped and created a baked texture for the sides - basic but effective
    - Borrowed wheels from the Baja bug thingy from Racer.

    To finish
    - Interior - have built a more modern box styled dash with VDO gauges
    - Gauges (views.ini)
    - Various other textures for example, headlights and so on.
    - Sounds - will try and record some from my RR, however at present it's needing another tune as it's spitting raw 98 octane out the exhaust....
    - Source some more appropriate wheels
    - Car.in
    i Image3.jpg
  2. Hehe, that looks cool!

    Loved driving the Landrover around in Screamer 4x4... what a cool off-roading game that was!

    Might have to make an off-road trialling course for Racer :D

  3. Sounds interesting;]

    Remember Screamer 4x4 too. Land Rover, MB G-klasse, Hilux Monster Truck and Tatra 8x8 ;)
  4. I have the last one for Racer :)
  5. Cheers guys :D

    I have never played Screamer 4x4. Closest was 1Nsane Off-Road I guess.....then there was Test Drive Off-Road.

    I'm getting my head around this new shader setup. Not overly sure of how to get things looking A+, but the CG shader is working nevertheless.
  6. There was no Tatra in Screamer 4x4 (which is a hungarian game :p). What you were talking about is a Rába H18 (which is a hungarian truck :p). But we need that Tatra, of course! :)
  7. true, true my bad:p Yes, we need more off-road cars;]
  8. Bit of an update

    Have begun work on the floorpan, have some V8 sounds working nicely, working on the car.ini file.

    Problem - using bigger tyres, i.e. radius 0.47 causes the car to...wel... jump off the road and go hay-wire. Suspension is fine, tyre size is ok around .35, but much over that an it turns into jumping jack :( Got to try and figure this one out - never had this problem when i last had 4x4s in Racer...

    Tested in 090 using CG. Still trying to get my head around CG - it's really a pest. :(

    - Haven't done much with the interior, built the dash, set up the steering wheel and that's it.
    - Took the camera outside and recorded the engine sounds from my 3.9EFI V8 Land Rover.
    - Found some wheels I made a long time ago.
    - Finally got the car.ini file to behave.

    To do:
    - Finish interior
    - Gauges (using VDO gauges, not Land Rover)
    - Various other little texture pieces here and there, front wheel arches etc.