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Land Rover Range Rover - Vogue

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by mbw13, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Another WIP release - please modify to your heart's content :) As with the LR 110 release, this one is INCOMPLETE. I have no intention on completing it - community may to with it as they see fit.


    This model / sim project does not handle like the real thing, as per the very basic ini. The gear ratios are from the same gearbox, however torque settings, weight, size etc are all incorrect.

    Personally I own a 1990 Vogue, 3.9 EFI V8. The handling is not that impressive. Power is Ok - V8 sounds beautiful (when it's working properly). Wallows about in the corners - has very capable brakes. Not too bad for a 20/21 year old rig that has done just under 400,000kms.
  2. any pics?
  3. Sounds like a good community project

  4. I can finish it if anyone else doesn't want to do it! :)

    EDIT: I will indeed finish it. I need a break from muscle and sports cars. In two or three days a beta will be released!
  5. That'd be cool. Nothing crosses Australia quite like an old Range Rover.
  6. Basic CG shaders, some textures changed and body centered to CoG :)


    Non cg shaders will still be available ;)
  7. Huh, you´re faster :)

    I´m not going to update this car, just brought it back to life :)
    IT has potential, but needs lots and lots of work. And proper V8 sounds, too :)

  8. View attachment rangerover_v8.zip

    Attached Range Rover sounds on the link above. I think.

    Only two samples because they're pretty old. But they're ready to go straight into the folder, no need for cropping or anything.
  9. Fifty, those samples aren't good, that whine on the background really "covers" the engine sound... :s I will use MBW's V8 Disco sounds until I find better ones!

    Handling and performance are 90% done now. It wobles a bit, unrealistic or not, it is real fun :p

    I also asked a friend of mine to do the gauges, and I will do the lights. Hopefully this will be a great car! :)
  10. wow im glad i asked my one simple little question if anyone is interested their is a really dodgy model of a Thunderbird floating around
    and ive got a 95 V8 sitting right outside WITH a detached secondary gauge cluster i can record sound pictues anything that is needed in relation to the car just need to ask me
  11. DF, those are modern Range Rover clusters! I'm going to use the 1990 RR one!
  12. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    But a good link that, I browsed that site and found loads of great images for other cars.. will be very useful.
  13. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    like you want....
  14. Glad to see this vehicle has gained some popularity!

    Best of luck with the community project! :)
  15. So, my share is done!


    - CG shaders (based on Cosmo's and MBW's Hummer)
    - Dials
    - Lights
    - Fuel tank
    - Tweaked ini
    - Tweaked textures
    - Tweaked torque curve
    - Read me file

    It has a misterious QLOG error that was generated while ironically I was correcting them with Racer's modeler. It mentions a material that was deleted from the model. If anyone can solve this, I aprecciate it! :)


    Enjoy, and please continue to update it if you want :)
  16. Looks and feels good!

    My Range Rover's shocks are stuffed - this model handles in a not too dissimilar way :O
  17. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore
    Premium Member

    all links are gone -( anybody got a working link .