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Land Rover Defender - 110 SW

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by mbw13, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. Hi guys

    Here's the first WIP release. A GTASA conversion with permission from the original creator. Permission granted many moons ago, but have only just got around to converting and uploading.

    In very basic form at this stage. INI isn't right, views aren't correct, just a basic starter version.

    Sounds are roughly recorded from my Land Rover using a laptop in-built microphone. The engine in my LR is a 300TDI.


    Apologies in advance if I'm slow to respond to queries and comments on this thread. Have a busy life :)

    For those who remember me from RSC (April 2003 to 2009?) I'm planning on re-doing the Toyota FJ40, and perhaps continuing with the KAMAZ flat-bed six wheeled truck. :) Lost everything last year when lightning struck the power-pole connected to my house. Thank goodness for insurance!

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  2. Maybe you can use parts of this ini I did for the old Defender 110. It's from 2007 so it's a bit outdated, but it has some researched data.

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  3. Now there's a name which can be trusted! Thanks mate - will take you up no that offer.

    From memory that was a 'red' 110?
  4. I downloaded it, will try it out later. After coffee.

  5. nice to see you around mate.

    my best regards
  6. ....thought I'd posted a reply yesterday. Hmm, nevermind.

    Busy on my real life Land Rover at the moment. It's a 300tdi which has been in storage since 2003 until I purcahsed it this year. Just passed all compliance checks, now it's on to adding a few aftermarket parts, tidying up things herre and there.

    Progress on the model will be slow. There's a baked-texture available, but the original is low-res and I'm not that convinced a baked texture will look any better. Other than that, it might serve well for those wanting to add graphics etc...
  7. The forums ain't what they used to be! Surprisingly quiet.

    Had a SVX model lying around which had a nice grill, but overall was a rubbish model. Salvaged the grill and adapted the nose of the 110 to suit.

    Planning a standard release and a, well SE edition I guess. A black Defender doesn't look good in Racer so avoiding the SVX / 60th aniversary edition.

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  8. It's alright, the details are of questionable accuracy though
  9. Mike, nice to see you around again.

    You're running 065? I thought you usually had newer hardware - if you can run it, the newest beta 088 might be better for you.

    A few Landies on an offroad track could be fun :smile:
  10. How come racer crashes when i select this Land Rover Defender in the car select menu? I use racer 0.7.3. Any Help?
  11. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    What error do you get and what does it say in the QLog?
  12. Never Mind, I figured it out. It only happened when i added that seperate Car.INI file. but without that car.ini file, racer did not crash and it worked fine.
  13. There could be an error in the car.ini file perhaps. From memory once or twice Racer was released without the default ini files. This was good in a way as faulty car.ini files didn't work. :smile:

    Cheers for the welcome back guys.

    My current hardware config is:
    2x / Crossfired ATi 4850 1GB (total 2GB)
    8GB DDR3 Ram
    AMD Phenom Quad core, 3.5GHz
    MoBb is an MSi 790FX GD70

    PC isn't the problem, just me. :confused: I mostly use my machine for work. Document production and book publishing, video / photo editing and processing, web-site production, system repairs and diagnostics for work...

    Here's a screenshot of the military version. Based on the rack and bar system used by the NZ-SAS. Times are changing though; NZ military now uses Pinzgauer instead of LRs.

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  14. Nice Military version of it!
  15. Still here! Haven't given up.

    My schedule isn't allowing much spare time at the moment, so took a photo of the 'spare-time-magnet' :rolleyes:

    Discovery = Daily Driver
    Defender 110...... a one day job!
    No fancy garage to work in! Wear old clothes and lie on the gravel :D

    3D Defender.... still need to re-create the ini more accurately, views.ini etc.

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  16. Great to hear from you Mike! :D

  17. Hey, could someone re-upload this car? The link is broken and I'd like to give it a try:)

  18. Hey Ya!!
    I like the 110! Totally rad mate, and the picture of your IRL rigs are sweet too!
    One little snag, all of the links are off for me as I caught the late bus..lol!
    I hope all is well for ya down under! Things are going good here, well in my end of the world-lol!
    I am re-acquainting myself with the site-as I was cleaning my saved web pages, and realized it was a Racer site that was active.
    More aboot that later, maybe after a rip :letsgoracing:and "a cuppa"-lol!