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Lancia Kappa 20v Turbo

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by krsman3d, Feb 21, 2010.

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  1. Lancia Kappa (Saloon)

    Hallo dear Racer fans,

    2 years ago I was planning to make my first car for Racer, a Lancia Kappa. But, because I didn't have enough time, I had to abandon my project although not completely. I made a part of its interior since I'm driving most of the time from the inside view and concentrated more on the driving. This is what I came up with, not perfect, but I like the way it handles although most data is not accurate. I added what I could find and I still think that it's a bit too soft and that the brakes are too strong. As I am currently modelling the whole car from the beginning including a new interior please don't look at the quality of this model. I am releasing this because I want the ini to be as good as it gets by the time I have finished the new model and textured it.

    Hear is the link, test it and please make it better. Of course our ini gurus are more than welcomed to make an ini on their own and the credits will go to them. I will finish my part of the work as quickly as possible, though I won't sacrifice the quality for the sake of getting it done sooner.


    Here is a picture, I now this is what you want:
    Click here for a bigger image.

    And here are two images from the picture posting thread:
    s8..jpg s9..jpg
  2. Sorry, but that's one of the best interiors I've seen in any car race/sim game.
  3. That's a fabulous interior! :)
  4. It doesn't look that good ingame, there are a lot of problems with normals. But it's alright. I should finish modelling the exterior this week, but again who knows. I am trying to make it as good as I can and that's why it is progressing so slowly. I have to rebuild many parts.
  5. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    That's a brilliant interior, I absolutely can't wait for the completed version.
  6. Ahhh.... Love that roar of a 5-cylinder engine :thumbup:
  7. That's a nice set of textures you have there, do you own one of these or something?

    Is that the engine Fiat used in the Coupe? A friend of mine has a Coupe, put a good exhaust on and they sound really good, better than any 4 cyl and even better than some V6 engines, really nice.

    Keep going with it, that's the only advice I can give :smile:
  8. The textures are mine indeed and the shaders are CG, but they could be a bit better, for the exterior at least.
    The engine is the same as in the Fiat Coupe, code 175.A3000 and it has a great sound too. I actualy own a Kappa 20vt, you'll get pictures later.
  9. Vey nice indeed. *bows* - and as a sidenote.. what driver model are you using? is it available? don't recognize it.. (looks like the "standard" but something is different.. can't put my hands on.. wait.. it's the hands.. right? you changed them?)
  10. Yes, the driver is Stecky's standard one with new hands.
  11. Nice. The hands look way better. Thanks for the "tip".. never thought of changing them, I usually just change the driver.. :p
  12. I don't want you to think that I stopped working on the car (not that I did much that is visible, but repaired many small mistakes instead). It seems there are some problems with live env map in 16bit mode. Look at the side of the car. Could I have done something wrong?


    Here are two pictures of my cars. I sold the 00' 20vt a few months ago and I own a 91' Thema 16vt and a 96' Kappa 2.4 20v currently, but I am thinking of buying a Kappa Coupe 20vt or even a Thesis. Yes, you could call me a Lancia fan,


  13. I've disliked the Lancia scene ever since the Delta Integrale. The Lancia lads used to "rag on" at the BMW owners that the Delta Integrale was faster than the E30 M3, which is fair enough I suppose, in certain situations, it was ever so slightly faster. But it was also a turbocharged four-wheel-drive (same as the Bugatti Veyron) versus a NA rear-driven car, so the comparison was stupid.
  14. That Kappa is a nice looking car, any plans to make the coupe?

    About the env map, don't worry about it - they're buggy for me too currently.

    Looks good.
  15. I'll probably do the coupe too. It has the same front and a similar interior as the saloon so I would only have to the back and a few other minor changes.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is just for FiftyOrange :tongue:

  16. OMFG man! i am your fan since now! i really love italian 5cc engines like it in your lancia. (i love marea too, i used to have one, 20vt stock from fiat.. yeah, here in brazil we got stock marea with fiat coupé engine. but with 182hp)

    weekend 20vt
    sedan 20vt (1999-2001-old rear called good boy same as italian one)
    sedan 20vt (2003-2007, called bad boy, rear like lancia kappa one)

    i love these cars and i am thinking to convert one marea when some friend finish to modelling it. Gonna try your car! any help that i can help, just ask me!
  17. Just a quick image, I'm too tired to put it into Racer now (and there is not much to show yet, did only a couple of small details today). Hopefully I'll have some free time tomorow to finish the back end.


    AMGfan, have you seen the clips of the 700+BHP Marea in Brazil? :cool:
  18. Yes, the owner is friend of caioballejo, my friend! i have him in msn too, he build performance parts for 5cc italian. Now he is putting 1000hp in that red weekend, and bought and old fiat coupe to do a drag car, with 2.4 5cc block, 2.0 20vt headers, forged, and the deal of 1200+ hp.

    you can see his cars in this link http://www.orkut.com.br/Main#AlbumList?uid=16621814340715390879

    it is very impressive!


    backing, will you do a non cg version of this lancia?

    i have non cg racer here, cannot use cg cars. =/ i liked very much the sounds, added it in my converted marea here. =D
  19. Yes but it was a similar price...........
  20. You bring up a good issue there, on price. Putting the base model M3 aside, for the ones we could all afford at the time, the BMWs trounced the Lancias. The 316i was by far a quicker and more sporty car than both the front-wheel-drive Delta 1.5, or the more expensive Delta 1.6 GT. When the Delta 1.6 got a turbo, the BMW 318iS came out, again, it was a more capable machine. The 325i was getting on for going out of affordability for most, and in terms of power, was fairly on par with the unaffordable HF Integrale.

    The really fast Delta Integrale were the Evoluzione versions, and if they're on the table, so to speak, so too should be the M3 Evolution/Sport Evolution, which again were faster than the equivalent Lancia.

    This is a discussion I haven't had in about 20 years.
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