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Skins Lancia Fulvia S1: Chardonnet 5 1.0

Lancia Fulvia S1 rally livery

  1. AlleyViper submitted a new resource:

    Lancia Fulvia S1: Chardonnet 5 - Lancia Fulvia S1 rally livery

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  2. I've just checked your nick - so you are the guy that made all those fantastic Veloce skins :) Top class work, mate!
  3. Thanks! This skin almost wasn't released, it had been sitting on my hdd since summer and only a couple days ago I got through the Rallye Du Var sticker that was missing plus a few details.
    The differences to the 037 shape are too many, and I'm not very happy that some details can't follow the Fulvia's body so well to retain the original design.