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Cars Lancia Fulvia 1.6 HF 1.0

Scratch made mod for Assetto Corsa of Lancia Fulvia 1.6 HF

  1. RSanchezPaz submitted a new resource:

    Lancia Fulvia 1.6 HF - Scratch made mod for Assetto Corsa of Lancia Fulvia 1.6 HF

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  2. .
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  3. . After a mistake Fulvia 0.99 been uploaded again
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  4. Hi!
    Very nice and great mod, my biggest Compliment! Thanks for sharing!
    I test it for long time now, and I think the problem is not the Setup but the
    grip of tires. OK the tires of the 60ties are not very good, but this is a little mutch to bad.
    I use the Lancia Fulvia in the 80ties and 90ties with Pirelli PZero 195/70
    and have no mutch understearing in corner. and so a fantastic handling in corner with this car.
    Now I make a test on Sandown, I grower the grip in the surfaces. ini up to 1.19 20% more
    grip to the road. The result is very goood, like the original Fulvia feeling!
    I sugest to grower the grip of tires up 20%. or make a alternative tire for racing to Choose in game.
    Hopeful and thanks again! Cheers Franky
  5. Hello Frasie! we are aware of that. Before V6 tire´s, the V5 where more close to real thing than they are now atleast on Vintage tyre´s - Alfa Romeo GTA became 5s slower on most tracks after V6 tyres so we had to put similar tyre behavior to make them competitive. This is a Laptime competition on modena and you can see the difference between cars, they can do almost same time: http://i.imgur.com/I6uGAJU.jpg

    I ll paste here the reply we gove in forum:
    Hey guys! all this hotlap things is amazing, tnx so much for propose this @Seria17hri11er
    About balance i have to agree with Andy that 100% grip is what we used to balance with GTA but well, cars will never do same time in all tracks.
    In our experience and thousands of hours of testing and balancing (7 drivers making many many laps in different tracks) the cars are pretty competitive, but there is a "gap" that its up to the track.


    There was a 0.2s to 0.3s difference in:
    Magione (Fulvia is faster)
    Brands Hatch GP

    Then you have half second difference in:
    Nurburgring GP

    And the Fulvia enemy with 0.8s of difference

    (Matias can give the laptime´s he has save them)

    After all testing was pretty clear for us that Fulvia doesent like hairpins.
    Thats good since all cars have their own strong points, its very hard to lose and crash the Fulvia, but in GTA if you go wide on exit and rear wheel touch the crub there´s a big chance to crash very hard... if you lose the Fulvia u just have to floor the gas and get it into the track again.
    The fuel compsution has been taken in consideration also, u can play with it and have a slight advantage in weight. (we are based on 1.6 vs 1.7L engine)

    We dont belive they are going to make exactly same laptime but they for sure ll have an small gap that ll allow racers to chase eachother hard and have alot of fun. I ll try to have a video of a race in Tor Poznan against @Jos_theboss wich shows some great action.

    And for those who want to beat the Alfa Romeo or get very very close... yes... is alot harder go fast with Fulvia, you have to really be pacient at pushing the throttle, is a weird feeling, you think u are going to go very slow if u dont push the car, but after some time u realize you are alot slower pushing it before its the right time. Also the track line that Fulvia like´s the most is a late apex to be able to accelerate in one shot, have a good view of the exit and go full throttle.
    Said this before but tell it again, we dont think it has al the grip it should in the front honestly, but its not far either and if we change that car would be alot faster than GTA wich was not the real thing, GTA allways been bit faster, just Fulvia use to win because was easy to drive, thats the key of her success. (If u ask me, the GTA grip is also bit to low also in current patch).
    So shortly, we would preffer to have V5 tyre´s on vintage cars, but we had to move to V6 with a high prize, we ll do an S1 version as soon as AC 1.5 release and ll have the tyre´s it should (and ofc ll be alot faster than GTA), but as far GTA has the grip it does, we ll still leave 1.6HF std version as it is to be able to run championships!

    Hope you understand.
  6. HI RSanchezPaz!
    Thanks for your answer. Yes I understand the problem.
    But maybe its possible to put some different tires in to the mod, like some other cars have
    were you can change between 2 or 3 different tires? I dont modding cars, only tracks, but I think
    some what like this must be possible. Maybe in future ...this was great.
    Have You in mind to make a 1,3 Version ?
    very great and unique is a Fulvia HF 2 Series ... nobody do this before !
    Or maybe a Fulvia Zagato... OK , will stop here and dont break balls...hahaha!
    Again thank You and all people insolved to make this beautiful Lancia Fulvia Mod for AC!
    Have a good day (and sorry for my english)
    Cheers Franky !
  7. Fantastic mod, love driving it! Noticed something strange while driving in the new update today though (black cat county). When driving close to the cliffs and wall on that track it creates a really overpowering reverb, which is in a way pretty cool but also a bit too much. It's like 10 times louder than the car itself. :p
  8. Hi, the mod is broken after update sadly, we are working on the sounds to fix it, also physics and cameras.
    Hope we can update it sooner as possible.
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  9. Would be great if we can get an update for AC v1.9 - i love your car mod :)
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  10. Yes please !
  11. We need sound update for 1.9.
  12. If you'd spend as much care on your posts as you want people to spend on their mods, people may even respond.... are you going to copy&paste this under every car mod on this site?
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  13. Don't be so malignant...
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  14. I see nothing in his post that would suggest he is either virulent or infectious. And yes, seeing the exact same post 4 times from the same person regarding an already known issue can be very exasperating.
  15. We can do a quick update to solve the problem with a placeholder sound. We are aiming to make new sounds but ll take bit longer.
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  16. Ok please forgive me. I didn't know.
  17. Alto MOD monooooooooo