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Mods Lancia Delta S4 1986 Toivonen + Alén 2.0

S4 with Martini Racing livery, tribute to Henri Toivonen

  1. meerkat80 submitted a new resource:

    Lancia Delta S4 1986 Toivonen - S4 with Martini Racing livery, tribute to Henri Toivonen

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  2. You are really making the original cars shine with all these classic icons liveries, the game and the community would not be the same without you, I cannot thank you enough. Your hard work and attention to detail is very, very appreciated! Great skin :)

    Edit: Btw, just wondering if there is a way to edit the cars preview pictures in the car selection screen, it would be very nice. Are they stored into pssg files?
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2015
  3. Thanks jay_p_666! No at the moment the preview image is "encrypted" or something like that, that's what I read on the codies forum. Really a shame, basically one has to make a giant sheet with all the info about the skin slots.
  4. Hi :)
    Can you add the Skin of the Tour de Corse 1986 for Henri Toivonen ?
    Thanks .
    Anyway , great Job !!

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