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Skins LAMBORGHINI "Suits and Gloves" Pack 1.0

Lamborghini theme based suits and gloves pack

  1. Razor94 submitted a new resource:

    LAMBORGHINI "Suits and Gloves" Pack - Lamborghini theme based suits and gloves pack

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  3. Erg


    Yes, I did the suits but not high quality like yours.
  4. Erg


    For example, I used BMW gloves and just repaint them. :)
  5. Ok I see, I just checked your suits in your skins (obviously I use your skins !!;) ) and yes, I can make more detailed and more precise. I think, I will make some Suits and gloves for R8.

    Also, once you will finish your "crocodile" skin, I wanted to make a special suit for your Phoenix crocodile R8 but color theme is too difficult and it take 2 month just for that, but I can make suit with your skin layer in your .psd file as you already have make hard work for bird picture, crocodile picture etc.. and I can use these layer for making suit and make a SPECIAL suit.
    I can't use google's pictures for suit, perspective make them are not usable.

    If you want to share your .psd with me for doing suit let me know (for crocodile suit only, for normal audi suit it's good).
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  6. Erg


    Great news! :)

    Here are two links for the original suits but I'm not sure if one of these or which one of them used for that car:


    For the special suit, I can share a .psd file with you after I finish and release the livery. ;) As you know, it may take about a few weeks to complete the livery. I'm also struggling with colors sometimes and changing them a little from time to time (doing general check ups).
  7. The well known suit is the second one, I'll make this one.

    For "special" suit, off course, I will let you finish and release your skin and take your time, we're not in a hurry, this skin is so hard, already a luck someone make it...
  8. it's possible have the psd file? i need this graphic for my team.....
  9. No sorry, I only share .psd with modder and skinner and only for a good reason. ("for your team" is not a "good" reason).

    But, you can open my .dds with CS6 and modify what you want and use it with your team, gloves is not so difficult.