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Skins Lamborghini Huracan Official Colours 1.1

Lamborghini Huracan official colours

  1. Where can i download this car? Or can you pack it so i can download it?
  2. Honestly I must read site rules and check if it's a pay mod. At least must fine author's name.
  3. Seems to be easily findable with Google and YouTube.

    EDIT: I found one that is: "... with fix for AC 1.1.7".
    Anyone know if that should be OK for the latest version?
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2015
  4. Can you send me a link to that? Sounds dont work for me
  5. You must install the latest soundfix. Can't remember exactely where I found it, sorry.
  6. I think i have found it,
    Is this it?
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  7. Try it, but always backup the sfx folder. (rename it like sfxorig)
  8. Isn't the Huaracan going to be included in the next AC Dreampack? To be released this month or next, no?
  9. it worked :)
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