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3 car pack (2K, 4K)

  1. Question, how do you do your screenshots? I've tried to get uniform shots, but it never works, and I am probably not using the proper black showroom..the only ones I can find are overexposed and ugly :D
  2. I use the cars manager tool. The black showroom in it was fine tuned in the last few releases. Works perfect for me but took some figuring out with the interface. For screen shots: right click in the text area below the preview and select screenshot/manual. Then once you have your car posed, take the photo and it will actually take pics of all the liveries for that car in the same pose.

  3. The file you uploaded is the wrong one. It's the Sportech liveries :rolleyes:
  4. Thanks for the heads up! I'm working on a DL pack of all of my Huracan skins including another 4 I haven't released yet. Some of my earlier skins don't currently have 2K options so I'll get it sorted out with one last update :)
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  5. God...we made all these ST liveries for the GT3, now Kunos gives us the ST and I'm too lazy to convert :D

    P.S. Want to improve the gold skin? In the map file, just paint the gold parts with this HTML color: ff144a :D Shhhh!
  6. I know, right?! I'm in the process of converting 18 of mine, it's starting to feel like real work. haha. Thanks for the hex color, I just couldn't get that gold to pop. :thumbsup:
  7. If that color for the Skin...blah blah blah map file doesn't work, i have others that I use for my various chromium vinyl skins.