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Skins Lamborghini F1 1.0

Lamborghini F1

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  1. very good! :)
  2. great work release you a full team packet?
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  3. I will, I just don't have the time now, but I'll try to do my best
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  4. Roderick Kennedy

    Roderick Kennedy
    Premium Member

    Wow,what a lovely skin,thank you.:cool:
  5. Looks fantastic.:)
  6. awesome :)
    is there also a way to replace it with HRT?
  7. By renaming the files yes:)

    CTRL + Q to Enable/Disable GoPhoto.it
  8. do you also know which name it should have then?

    edit: nevermind I installed a 2013 mod, so HRT is removed and I can't reactivate them.
  9. If this car is from catherham , i don't know which is it to be honest, just rename the beginning of the livery name from ca2 to hr2 and also rename these file in the cars/ca2 folder
    ca2.ctf to hr2.ctf
    ca2.nd2 to hr2.nd2
    ca2_anim_dummies.pssg to hr2_anim_dummies.pssg
    ca2_AO.pssg to hr2_AO.pssg
    ca2_highLOD.pssg to hr2_highLOD.pssg
    ca2_livery.pssg to hr2_livery.pssg
    ca2_lowLOD.pssg to hr2_lowLOD.pssg
    and also replace the material file to the hr2 folder, this way you will have this skin on HRT with catherham chassic ,but you won't be able to play online with this, only if someone recreate this skin for you for hrt chassic.
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  10. alright thanks ;)
  11. Oh, velly velly nice ! good work ! thanks
  12. hey its me again, would you mind putting the car also in dropbox:(
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  13. Awesome car, great job ;)!
  14. Thank you :)
  15. i wanted to replace this with torro rosso,

    i renamed the nessary to tr2

    do need to change also the stuff from Charthers to the torro rosso one?

    please reply asap!

    love ur skins!!
  16. Reventon excellent work, you or someone else can do a complete garage BMW 2009 with drivers suit helmet and gloves?
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2013