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Cars Lamborghini Countach LP500s 0.2a

The Lamborghini Countach by J.n Visuals

  1. syncmaster submitted a new resource:

    Lamborghini Countach LP500s - The Lamborghini Countach by J.n Visuals

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  2. Sunny Sky Speed

    Sunny Sky Speed
    You will never see me again, it's final now. Bye Premium Member

    Big thanks for this!!
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  3. Sunny Sky Speed

    Sunny Sky Speed
    You will never see me again, it's final now. Bye Premium Member

    update for V1.1 please?
  4. BBoyJmE updated Lamborghini Countach LP500s with a new update entry:

    New Shaders, New Physics, New sound.

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  5. Love to gives this a run with our group but am not getting any engine sounds. Tried downloading twice and once from a different site but still no go.
    Any suggestions?
  6. Today's update broke all current sound mods. They must be updated by their creators.
  7. Ok, missed the update, must have been a small one.
    Thanks for the info Zeth
  8. Hi there, tx for mod looks very good but I have one problem I have no engine sound.
    I hear the shifter and the brakes and thats all.
    Any idea what it can be?
    thanks in advance.
  9. Hi i have the version 0.2 but in car i have no engine sound, too???

    thx for help!!!
  10. Hi, I don't have any sound either. Looks very good, though! :)
  11. Hello J.n Visuals,

    Still hoping you could helps us with the engine sound, it's a great looking car but with no enginesound it's like driving an electric lamborghini.

  12. Hi, yep it drives and looks great, but it's a TESLAmborghini now ;P
    One more nudge to update the engine to a true petrol guzzler!
  13. This is what the future sounds like, silent! Could use sound updates, beautiful looking model.