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Skins Lamborghini Aventador SV Nazionale 2014 2016-08-19

The aventador needed more unique skins.

  1. Done with those 2 previews. One is closest to original Kunos, but think with little better setup. Another called "artefact" (this setup give especially good look for classic cars, like Lotus and etc)
  2. i cant stand the kunos previews all of mine look like the one above
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  3. I'm clear with you. But can be quetly useful for other guys?
  4. its extremely easy to change though so its not a problem.
  5. You should make custom setup for pp-filter and sometimes change showroom light settings to make changes comparing to default from Kunos, which already have not best quality. If you do not see/notice any changes - it's just your personal vision and nothing more.
    As well, do not forget - not all peoples know or want do such things. They just want to install and enjoy what you doing in best possible way to fit Corsa standarts seamless. And stop take your attention to this little addition. Simply leave it here