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Tracks Lakeside Park 1.00

Historic Lakeside Park just north of Brisbane, Australia

  1. Mikec87


    Mikec87 submitted a new resource:

    Lakeside Park - Historic Lakeside Park just north of Brisbane, Australia

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  2. Punknoodle


    Thanks for uploading, and I know this is a "placeholder" for v2.0, but to call it a v1.0 is not really indicative of it's current state.

    I just ran a few laps and the bumps are extremely exaggerated, especially going under the bridge and on the entry into the final corner. It makes for a wild ride but not very realistic.

    Also, final corner, as you run out to the edge of the track on exit on the normal racing line you get a track limits exceeded warning.

    Layout itself is great, infield is great, it's nice overall but with those errors it really make it near unusable.

    Anyway, I look forward to the updates.