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WIP LaitseRallyPark

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Kytt, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. It looks really nice!
    Congratulations :veryhappy:
  2. Looks great, I'll be keen to try it out.
  3. Thanks :smile: Uploded first version, link in first post
  4. Pics are brilliant (oh man, that sky), video is awesome, It's gonna be a blast to drive this one. Sure of that.

    Unfortunately can't give any feedback about fps before the weekend. Hopefully there's no hurry. :)

    But pedal to the metal!
  5. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    This looks excellent. I dont have RBR anymore though :(

    Any chance you could export this as an rFactor track?
  6. I have never exported to rfactor but im sure i will make it also available for rfactor :)
  7. It is absolutely awesome Kytt. I like textures and track bumps. Good work!!! ;)
  8. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff


    I`d imagine if you have it saved as a BTB project, it would just be a case of exporting as rFactor instead of RBR. Failing that, send me your BTB project file and i`ll have a look myself lol
  9. Well done Kytt, track looks great!
  10. Kytt, you are one of the Masters :) Great work, indeed. Runs greatly on my laptop (2 GHz Dual Core, 3 Gigs RAM, NVidia 8600M GT 512Mb - I'm using 800x600x16 which is a good compromise for all tracks, also original ones). I think it's very nice optimized and adding grass and other objects will not hurt fps. Maybe you can add a little random on the edges of gravel parts? And some dirt or scratches to these white and red cones, then they could look like "some used"?
    IMHO, tyre choise is nice (it's tarmac, isn't it?) - nice to practice power sliding :) Sorry for my English ;)
  11. Thanks but im no master, just random user :)
    Some red and white barriers have some dirt on them, maybe i need to make it more visible. For road sides i wait for BTB 0.9. It must be around a corner:biggrin: Don't want to do double work.
  12. LaitseRallyPark is first taste of track making future, i think. Building method brakes line between old classical and new way of track building. You guys are connect two ways to create tracks, i can´t wait yours first rallytrack. LaitsePark is great demonstration of real based terrain shapes. Lidar is specially sharp to show shapes. I do not like before rallycross tracks or Super Special Stages, but now i like much LaitsePark track. I even drive "motocross" track with Subaru Impreza :D 0.8 is awesome, 1.0 will be almost reality :)
  13. Thanks:smile:
    LIDAR data i used is not that accurate, dense and detailed as laser scanned data Brendon used for his rFactor tracks but it's much cheaper and good enough for rally tracks. I could get road camber out of it.
  14. Tested this track, and it was truly fantastic. And no fps problems (hd2600xt overclocked, 800x600x24). I use quite a low resolution for BTB stages, but there's been a couple of stages in the past with low fps even with this resolution, so everything should be fine with this one.

    Which is nice. :)
  15. Thank you.

    One more video, a little newer version of the track
  16. New vegetation looks great. This track is getting better and better.
  17. Thanks. Took a snapshot about wireframe.
  18. Is that track building difficult or lot time taking to working with LIDAR-data? What file-format you use with Laitse project? What programs is nessery with creating track? Im very intresting to do some rally stage at Neste Rally Finland route and LIDAR is detailed solution to create sharp terrain areas.
  19. Nice! :)
    Kytt, do you know how to set proper best stage times/records? I see on your video 1:45:89. My RBR always says that stage record is 1:14:07 when using any track made with BTB. I mean, on my stages, don't remember if the same time is set on somebody's else tracks...