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Tracks Laguna Seca 1.3

Upgraded for GSCEx

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  1. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

    nice... is there something needs adjusting with shadows... on billboards and bridges etc they gone really abnormally dark if in a shadow.
  2. I am occasionally hitting an invisible bump on the approach to turn 6 that launches the car 10 feet or so into the air. The bump is on the racing line (right side) near marker 2 just before one turns left into the corner. Has anyone experienced this? Otherwise, this is a pretty good version of Laguna Seca.
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  3. Yes, I experience the same issue. Doesn't happen every lap and I'm not sure what may trigger it...



    Bump and launch:

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  4. hex


    Did some 10 laps with F1 1992 and DRM cars, and had no such issues.
  5. Never seen that. Looks like a tdf problem but...?
  6. Tested the track with the V12 and no problems...Thx for the track, it is very well made.
    Here is a little video of the issue i had with the camaro:
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  7. If it depends on car, then it is not a tdf problem. Hummm. Strange thing we have...
  8. I have looked into the road parameters and it can't be a tdf problem. Road mesh doesn't seem to have problems so... ???
    On my side I have never had this.
  9. Hey Patrick, what is the original version of the track?
  10. What version you have used for this conversion?
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  11. Lazarou


    Looking great at dusk Alfredo
  12. The game crashes when i load the circuit.Can someone tell me what's wrong
  13. Does the red loading bar not progress? Is that what you mean by the game crashing?

    Did you extract the contents like this \GSC2013\GameData\Locations\Laguna_Seca and in this location is a : "Laguna_Seca" folder and 3 .mas files ?

  14. Yes the loading bar does not progress.And i cant find the 3 .mas files :/
  15. Sorry is the mas file mean microsoft access stored?
  16. looks like the SRW Conversion ?
  17. I found these 3 .mas files

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