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Laguna Seca 'unlogical' race distance.

Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by Technique, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. I was surprised yet dissapointed that milestone decided to give you only 3 freaking laps for a race at the Laguna Seca circuit regardless how many percent you decide to choose in the main menu. Unlogical and stupid AF.

    Is it possible to change the racing distance via ReMixer to a full 100% with actually 32 laps and not just 3? I truly hope so.
  2. realitychecked


    It isn't in 2014's calendar so they only put there 3 laps. To me, Seca is for time trial only.
  3. This is another example of game designers being one minded. Technique wants to play a full distance, TheJlfan wants time trial, why can't there always be the choice and the option to do what you want in games. Every one is different, but in this case nobody is right or wrong, so why can't we have both options.
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  4. Yep , downloaded this Laguna Seca , fixed to 3 laps :confused:
    Hopefully there is a way to edit this ....... :O_o: .... anyone? :whistling:
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  6. Thanks Lukilla , did you edit this Data file?
    Would you know what sub file was edited or is edited when we want to change the laps for a track? (namely-Lag you now forgoodness sakea ;))
    I have a hex editor , I would like to know where it might be found.
    Cheers anyway.
  7. Datamix - UI - Raceoptions > 4C0061007000730043006F0075006E007400560061006C00750065. :cool:
  8. Datamix - UI - Raceoptions > 4C0061007000730043006F0075006E007400560061006C00750065. :cool:

    I am impressed , but can't make a connection . I found 4C006 in the first column but can't find the rest of the code.
    Any more info you could give?
    Even better .... lol ... if you know this stuff then do you think you could mod the thing to accommodate all the riders for all the laps .
    I thought it would be easier than this. :geek:
  9. The correct term is 'illogical.' :sneaky:
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  10. For some reason even though I have the season pass Laguna Seca has not downloaded? :/
  11. I made a classic 'non-native English speaker' error.:cool:
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  12. You have to buy the season pass first, then download the Seca DLC seperate, but it just wont charge you for it (season pass has been bought)
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