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Tracks Laguna Seca (CART 1998) 2.11

Laguna Seca for GSCEx

  1. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    Patrick Giranthon submitted a new resource:

    Laguna Seca (CART 1998) - Laguna Seca for GSCEx

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  2. When getting to the track, the AI seems to fumble about in the pits and "shake" their way into their pit garage. Is there a AI limit to this track? Even with 15 AI this issue was present.
  3. This track has a nasty glitch. There's a bump on the right side of the track under the champion sign that will throw you into the air. It doesn't happen every lap, but smth is broken at that spot.
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  4. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    I have already seen that on screens but could never reproduce It myself. I did many laps to test It before release, all was ok
  5. I was in the server yesterday when you and Troy Barman were there and I experienced the same thing one time out of 15 laps. I remember I tried to swing a little bit wider than usual for that next left turn and got popped straight up in the air.
  6. Not downloaded this version, but I had the same feeling in the earlier version published in this section (think AlfredoR), a pity if he remains this problem as it is a good track.
  7. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    Is really dont know what could cause that. Nothing is visible under 3ds or 3dsimed.
  8. Got an error when trying to load Laguna with Marcas:
    It says the following:

    gMotor 2 Error
    Error loading mesh file LAGUNA_FENCE_POLE_LODA&598.GMT to memory

    The glitch also seems to have moved, lol. :)
    Got thrown two times in a row. First at its usual place and the next one in a new place:

    Marcs@Laguna Glitch
  9. Yup, me too... I tried raising ride height and increasing packers in case the car was bottoming out but it still happened. It also happened to Jimmy about 9 minutes in:

    Hope you can fix this, and many thanks for the work you've put in to get the tracks and cars into Game Stock Car, it's much appreciated! :thumbsup:
  10. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    Hmmm, it is makink me nervous , because I dont have any solution for the moment.
    Will have a deeper look of the curb, seems to be the guilty
  11. Don't be nervous and take your time, we've got 1000s of kilometers of other tracks to cover still and other combos in the meantime, etc... :)
  12. Ai is shaking in the pits. Also one of them shaked in between two other cars. D:
    See attachement,

    Attached Files:

  13. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    Yep, noticed that but not with all cars
  14. (Apologies for long post)
    Thanks to Patrick for permitting me to post in this thread - for anyone that wants to try it, an AIW/Pit fix for this excellent Laguna Track. (and a *possible* fix for the 'sinking/jumping' glitch after turn 6 - see bottom of this post).

    Tested with Stock V8s and CART Extreme, and it works well.


    I have moved all garage and pit spots from garage lane onto pit lane, and made sure they have room to enter and leave without colliding.
    In order to do this I also moved the pit timing triggers and lights further along pit lane, so the fix includes an AIW file plus the recompiled MAS file.
    (WARNING This new AIW will only work correctly WITH the new MAS file as well - the new AIW will place a couple of new pit spots beyond the current pit lane exit lights, and the new MAS file will move the pit lights further along).

    To Install:
    (backup Laguna_SecaCART.MAS and Lagun_SecaCART.AIW first in case you wish to return it to defult)

    Just copy the mas file over the original, and copy the AIW file over the original.

    It has definitely improved the racing for me, hope you find the same, any feedback welcome, :)

    Specific Fixes:
    -AI shaking and colliding in pits: closed garage lane, placed all cars in pit lane. 29 slots created (for CART Extreme).

    -Moved pit entry/exit triggers, and pit exit lights.

    -New Fast path and new left and right AI paths created, to clean up the AI on kerbs, as they were half spinning in several places.

    -New pit path created

    -Skip formation lap fixed

    -The garage lane is no longer used, and safety car is moved to the garage lane instead.

    -All cars are on pit lane & operate cleanly in and out of pits.

    Known issue:
    This was the same in the original and I was unable to fix it:
    The first rolling start works perfectly but if you then hit 'Restart Race', the next restart is usually very untidy and causes an immediate yellow.

    However, there is a workaround, if you do need to do a restart - hit escape, EXIT TO MONITOR first, and then select 'Restart race' from there instead, and this also works perfectly.

    Final note, during editing files, I also did a re-conversion of the rfactor road/curb files around turn 6 in case it fixes the car jump glitch.
    I don't know if it succeeded but I have not been able to reproduce it since.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2015
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  15. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    Thank you for all Keith. We do a good team like this :geek:

    I let the beta testers of the day give some feedbacks and then I will update the track with your work. :)
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  16. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    I dont think! Sky Will cause problems
  17. Really
    Do not load,,, thank you, :(
  18. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    Hmm, i am curious, but why playing gsc2012???

    Everything is better now