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Lagging while driving.

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Georgios Davakos, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. I have a problem which needs to be solved quickly as this have started to happen since yesterday on a race where I allmost hit a person and if I have done so we would lose the race and I would get banned from the event.
    How ever I have experince lag when my wheels touch off track or kerbs at the exit of corners.

    It's is not connection problems because I have checked that out.
    I belive it's has to do with my grapfic card even if I have a very good one (1791MB NVIVIA GeForce 9600M GT TurboCache)

    For 2 weeks ago I needed to lower my level of Details from 100% to 65% in order to race at FPWS without lag. But now the lag is back and it's driving me crazy.

    plz help
  2. So you get driver input lag online and offline? Sorry if it seems like an obvious question :)
  3. I have not tryed offline but it does so on online.
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Do you have an EPU-6 menu? If yes, set your performance level to high when you go online.
  5. What is EPU-6 menu?
  6. If you have it you can find it in your systemtray. The best thing is to disable this feature (right click / Exit).


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  7. I dont have it. I just made some test races offline and it was lagging there too (when there was over 15 cars on grid).
  8. lower the amount of cars you can see in the gfx options to 10 or so
  9. But how will that effect the lagging?
  10. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Hi Giorgos have a same prob yesterday evening on-line race ( rFactor 1993 ) and I race with amount 10 cars see for time. Think that for me is a provider problem never happened before :-( . Can I suggest you something? Clean memory banks especially near processor, clean heatsink video card use a pipe and blew into the fins , air compressor is a bit dangerouse. and....GOOD LUCK:thumbup:
  11. Is it possible that an other program is workig at the same time which makes it imposible to drive? (when I say a program like the camera on the computer or microphone)
  12. i know some people run a batch file to stop certain prosessors also i think programs like Game booster do the same things.

    i also had this kind of game lagg with my old pc, in the end i put it down to my CPU causing a bottle neck and since building my new one it has gone
  13. Yeah, check your graphic card temps as well. The card might be switching to lower power mode because of overheating. Strange it's only happening when you hit something though. Could be a USB driver or something. Try updating your chipset (motherboard) drivers and also try uninstalling/re-installing the Logitech profiler. Also, did the problem start after your installed or updated any other software? Perhaps graphics card drivers? And a 9600m is not exactly a beast of a card. If you turn all graphics options down to their LOWEST settings and things like AA OFF, does it still happen? Try doing that for troubleshooting purposes.
  14. this problem started since september but stopped on october. But it's back since 2 weeks ago and it's worse then ever. I have lowered my level of details to allmost 50% and it does not help at all. I have made some changes and I will try to see if it improves or not.

    A friend of my suggested Game booster but that did not help at all.
  15. Sorry for reviving a dead topic but I happen to have some similair problems to lagging after a very long time of clean game play on Race Series games.

    I experience that the FPS drop ALOT on some tracks and on a few mods. I dont know how many FPS the game runs when the FPS drop but I would belive somewhere at 15-5 FPS which is really annoying when I am racing and I happen to find a chickane where I need to move the car from left to right really quickly.

    Does this have to do with stuff such as RAM or Graphic Memory or is it because a program is working while I am driving?
  16. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    All of those things can cause performance problems, but its hard for us to say if any of them are causing your problem without looking at your system. A few things to try:

    - Disable VSync from the games config app. (Causes micro-stutters for me.)
    - Defragment the hard drive on which the game is installed.
    - Ensure that ALL unnecessary apps are closed before running the game.
    - Run a full virus and spyware check on your system.
    - If you have an anti-virus app running during gameplay, check its resource usage. If its high, try one with lower requirements.
    - If you've overclocked any of your hardware, reset it to the factory defaults.
    - Ensure that all heatsinks in your computer are clean and free of dust, and that all fans are working correctly.

    Also, I don't see your full system specs anywhere in the thread. Posting those might help.
  17. This sounds very odd - have you made changes to any FFB settings around the times when this lag started? Maybe someone else can shed light on it but I am sure I have seen something about FPS dropping as a result of the processor getting loaded when generating FFB effects - this came to mind with you mentioning it happening when you touch the grass/kerbs. Possibly this relationship between FFB and Graphics lag could be caused, on a Logitech wheel, if you DO NOT allowing the game to control settings in Logitech Profiler? Not sure on this just a stab in the dark/a suggestion that 'may' help..

    Also the card have should not be a limiting factor, nor should quantity of visible cars - I ran an offline race with 65 cars + me a few days ago - with 20+ visible cars enabled - I did eventually get lag, but only after leaving the computer on pause for a while. The AI was in total confusion with cars all over the place from the start though! The most likely in game setting that will cause graphics lag problems will be shadow quality and don't forget each visible car has a shadow - so maybe some here are solving this problem by reducing the number of visible cars - which reduces the number of shadows being drawn. So before you change detail etc etc on a problem installation try reducing shadow quality first.

    Note that the 66 car offline race was Run on a 2Ghz Core 2 Duo Laptop with 3gb of Ram but only a 128mb nvidia 8400M Graphics card (yes thats 128mb!)... Sure the shadow quality is down, but detail etc are still on high, res. at 1280x800... So I feel its more a case of finding the correct individual settings for your particular system rather than upgrading or deciding not to play...

    Another VERY common cause of such lag is software carrying out scheduled updates without telling you - windoze updates, antivirus updates etc - and its not necessarily as a result of it taking up your bandwidth which is the conclusion many jump to - its actually it using the processor/memory to do the update. If you suddenly experience unexpected lag check the clock (does it do it at the same time every day? - ie a scheduled update/scan?) If your system is stable enough to ALT/TAB to and from desktop open Windows Taskmanager and see if you can see a particular process or program using the processor - something found here can sometimes at least point you in the direction of an offending program that suddenly decides to start working right in the middle of your race....

    I do hope you solve this and can post what finally cracked the problem, in the mean time good luck and try to stay of the kerbs and the grass!!
  18. Are you running the game with VSync ?
  19. I've run into the same problem last couple of weeks, and every time the video lags, I can hear the hard drive working. Haven't found the culprit yet, but I suspect either an updater or background service (windoze indexing?) is accessing the drive and causing the stutter.

    trivia: 500th post.
  20. My system is not top of the line, but it never lagged at all, until I installed O&O Defragger on it. Suddenly I was down to low detail, from Max, and such sever lag that I could not race, LAN or alone. Uninstalled programs that I had installed, among them O&O, and lo and behold, problem solved. Now I am back to max again.

    Oh, and by the way, I always shut down processes running in the background, including any defragging software, and yet I still had that issue until I uninstalled it.