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Lag - need your help pls

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Claudio Caferri, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Hello all,

    since few days i'm having some troubles on some tracks such Brands, Imola and Nordschfield. In all track with trees gtr evo goes jerkily (i don't know if this word is the right one). What is surprising is that it happened from one day to another and I really don't understand why.

    I have windows xp with a radeon HD4850 512 which should be more than enough to run GTR evo, in fact it worked without any problem until few days ago.

    Can you give me any advice to fix this problem please?

  2. mate, it's probably since the patch... they increased the draw distance on most tracks... i used to have my environment setting on "very far" and got the same problems you're describing... try dropping it down one or two steps and see how you go....
  3. Like you I have ATI on XP but a HD4870, wish has a slight better performance, not much... and like Andrew posted, I had to drop the “draw distance” from very far to far.
  4. thanks guys for the tip. I tried different environment setup and i have to drop all the details to minimum and not only the "draw distance" to get rid of the problem. It's quite frustrating that because of a patch, as Andrew suggested, my video card does not work correctly anymore...
  5. We had some lag on the SATCC race the other night. But it happened before the update too. In Rf you can set the connection speed for online racing. But Race07/GTR-E dont have this. Will changing the download speed of Steam have any effect on lag. As the game runs through steam i am hoping it might
  6. With a HD4870 / 4850 You should have no problems graphics performance wise, my old 8800GTS played the game with everthing maxed out to the most maxed out settings ya can get. Do you experience that jerking or lag offline or just online? If it's online I think it's more due to the lag ( pretty poorly coded game tbh and having steam running in background don't help)

    If it's happening offline, could be some settings somewhere, what resolution do you game at?

    It's a bit messed up some of you are having to drop the “draw distance” to get better perfomance on very fast video cards which should handle this game without a glitch tottaly maxed out. I guess this is since the new patch to.
  7. well, i had no stuttering pre-patch... and massive stuttering post-patch... and dropping the draw distance fixed it... :shrug:

    only a 8600gts here though...
  8. I have a Ati 4850 and i also had to put the draw distance to normal to stop the occasional stutter
  9. It happens in offline mode too :( and i'm playing at 1280X1024 32 bit...look strange i can't remember setting the resolution so high....can it be the reason of such jerking? i'm not at home now so i can't try right now.

    what is your resolution setting Ben?
  10. 1360 * 768
  11. Marcel vd Aa

    Marcel vd Aa
    AC Paint Guru

    Strangely i had some stuttering pre-patch and no more stuttering post-patch.
    And i am sure my rig is lower spec than yours.
    Still running on an ATIX1650 512mb AGP, and like i said the game seems to run better. I am running @ 1680x1050 32 bit graphics at max.
  12. This is “fishy”, we are missing something… are you sure that for instance the number of cars, the cars details (reflexes, shadows and so on) are all on/upped?

    With the 4870, I also run at that resolution and color 1680x1050 32 bit...

    The in-game visual settings are all maxed out except the draw distance that now is set to “far” opposed to “very far” from before the patch and I’m aiming for 35 fps (TFT LCD screen).
    I've just been playing in Nordschleife (on-line) and I couldn’t see any difference regarding the draw distance (scenery like the castle and so on) from now (after the patch) to before the patch.
    It is my understanding from the patch description that they upped the draw distance, so most likely, the old "very far" equals the present patch "far" setting.
    I’m must confess that I had that stuttering right after patch install and immediately reduced the draw distance (I read the patch txt) and never went back, so perhaps I should try to up-it again just to see what goes...

    Btw, I also have instant replays on and I fully record all sessions....
  13. Marcel vd Aa

    Marcel vd Aa
    AC Paint Guru

    Just checked to make sure; all settings are full on.
    Maximum visible vehicles is at 25.
    Did notice something else though; when i drive over curbstones offcourse i feel ffb in the wheel, but i also see a drop in framerate when the ffb works.
    This is very similar to problems i had in TestDrive: Unlimited.
    It only happens though above a certain ffb 'strength' so it's not a real problem.
  14. Hmm... I've my G25 with effects at max, strength 100% and steering force at 65%.

    I’ve also risen again the draw distance to "very far", and at first glance, there is no stuttering... will likely check this better tomorrow with some on-line play ;)
  15. So far so good, even in Paul Ricard (where one can see the entire field on many of the track points), I haven't found any stuttering...

    I'm starting to believe I was too hasty in immediately dropping visual distance when I had this "early" stuttering after the patch install.

    Only time will truly tell…
  16. 4850 here and I get stuttering on Nord playing at 1360x768. The only solution was to dropped draw distance.

  17. Stil stuttering even in lowest resolution possible. The only way is to set all environment details to minimum whatever the resolution. Would a complete reinstall of GTr evo solve the problem?

  18. David Buxton

    David Buxton

    I know this doesn't help but I only suffer with stuttering when I'm hitting the trees.... :wink2:
    Which is on all tracks :rotfl:

    On a serious note I had the same problem but adjusted the same settings as Mr Evan:good:
  19. I'm not sure, I just lowered draw distance. What CPU do you have?

  20. I Have an Intel E8400, as motherboard an asus PK5/EPU and 2 GB of ram