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Lag In Steering

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by David Baz, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Anyone else getting lag in the steering?
    When i turn the wheel there is a delay in the sim.
  2. depends alot on graphic options...
    first I had fxaa and motionblur on and had old nvidea drivers... all together I had realisable lag... turned then mb off and fxaa and had almost no lag at all... updated now the nvidea drivers.. and it runs amazing smooth without lag with aa antisubfilter and fxaa maxxed

    can't realy use mb it's kind of broken edgy strange here... it's repeating frames..and such things.. but not realy bothered by that because I wouldn't use mb to drive just for replayswatching... (but the mb is realy nice btw... very subtil but at a screenshot for example it looks very very much like a camera mb)

    also cubemap settings are next to mb a big framerate eater... but on medium with 2 faces it looks still nice and doesn't kill the fps....

    on high and with 6 faces it looks amazing (almost too good for my taste lol).. you can almost see structure of the paint (I think there isn't any but it almost looks like it.. because the are realy precise on every little bump or dip of the body) however not very usable yet at least on my gtx580 ... don't know how the flagship cards are handling it... and I think in a 1-2 years it's like pfff (if there isn't already any new technology for it by then :D )
  3. It would maybe help if you said what wheel and settings you use.
    How can people help when all you say is that.
  4. As Kunos himself said: lower FPS=more lag.
    Try to lower your graphic settings to achive ~90 FPS on avg or more. The lag should dissapear then. Also virtual sync. option can cause massive lag.
  5. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    I think 90FPS or more is a bit OTT! I've getting around 60fps with high settings and getting no steering lag at all with my DFGT. 60fps might not sound much to power PC users but its still pretty damn smooth and if my entry level gaming PC can run the latest gen of sim racers (inc pCars) then I'm a happy bunny. I'm thinking of upgrading my GTX545 to a 660Ti but not sure how much improvement I'm to expect? But yes, I agree, too low fps will give you steering lag. A friend of mine is having the same problem with R3E and rFactor 2 because his machine isn't up to the job.
  6. No (noticeable, thank you mister Andersson) lag for me as well. At 60-70 FPS. netkar style :)
  7. You have lag, you just don´t notice it.

    AC said anything below 100 fps will create some lag.
    At 100fps and above it´s your screen that then decides the lag.

    Can´t find the quote but it´s somewhere around here.

    Also VSYNC will create lag.
  8. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    If I have, it must be in milliseconds and certainly not feeling/noticing or being effected by it. The fact that I'm slow is just down to my lack of ability lol.
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  9. I average about 90 fps and have noticeable lag, I red that above 150 fps the lag is practically non existent. That's a bummer really because with rF1 and rF2 I dont have the lag with lower fps.
  10. I'm curious if some of the guys who experience lag us a TV screen to display AC?

    Modern LED tv's are known for having a lot of outputlag. It can go up to 60 or 70 ms, making those things not usuable for any gaming.
  11. Yes I have a LCD TV, but that doesn't matter because like I said, in rF1 and rF2 I dont have lag.
  12. Project cars use too have the same problem with low fps as well but they fixed it some how in one of the patches