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WIP LaFerrari

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by camsinny, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. So I wasn't too sure on this when it first surfaced, especially the front end. But the more I saw it the more I liked it. Ended up so much so that I decided to model it.

    Not much progress so far, however Mr Whippy forced me to make a WIP thread so you guys can badger me to get this done. So please do annoy me and constantly post in this thread :D
    I'm aware the rear window is incorrect.

    I'm going to set a Release date of April 1st.

    See images below.

    Had to keep this brief as I'm heading down to Melbourne for the Grand Prix early tomorrow morning.
    I'll be back in a week and keep you all updated!
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  2. Very nice job
  3. I hope you are not going to fool us, aren't you? :D
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  4. Nice job so far! What kind of reference material do you have? It looks quite a complex shape to get right...
  5. Nice work Cam!

    Though I was joking when I said you should finish it for 1st April hehe...

    Some1, I think Cam won't mind me saying but he's just using the available imagery and photo matching techniques.

    I've used those methods quite successfully but I totally agree, that is one complex shape haha... it's as much being able to interpret the curves and understand the form as it is just modelling from what you can see... I modelled my old Peugeot 306 using photo matching but that is a much more basic shape vs the La!

    I think it's a great job so far... :)

    I really like The Ferrari shape, just I wish the top of the bonnet didn't have the big venty holes in it. It'd look much better smooth but apparently it's for aero purposes so I'll let it off :D

  6. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    I hope it has a production code name or something that you can call it, every time I see "Ferrari LaFerrari" I die a little inside.. :p

    Great work though! Look forward to the 20XX release :)
  7. Ferrari F70 :p
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  8. Hehe, if they'd stuck to the F system it'd be much better really.

    F70 does sound somewhat cooler to be honest...

    Enzo was cool for the, err, Enzo, but La Ferrari is a bit final isn't it. Where do you go from there?

    Jesus Ferrari? God Ferrari? :D


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  9. Ultima Ferrari :p

    and the model does look like a very good start so far Cam. Also enjoy the GP, make sure to bring back some pictures/videos lol
  10. The Ferrari Prancing Horse Pope.

    Sounds nicer in Italian.
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  11. Good job so far. How much poly this car contains now?
  12. Well, looks like the joke's on me for not having this finished.
    I had a thought of how to re-pay you guys but I'll have to talk to Dave first to see if he think's it's time.

    As Dave said I'm just using reference imagery. There was a bunch on the laferrari.com site (including the 360 degree viewer which provided very useful angles). I've camera matched a lot of them and am then modelling the bits that I can't see in the max viewport by eye.

    Indeed, it is quite a complex shape in areas, however for the most part it follows some really basic curves, so it mightn't be as difficult as it looks. I have to say though, it's a real joy to rotate around it in the max viewport.

    Yep, definitely 2013 release. After I modelled the Aventador Jota from scratch to about 95% completion and left it there, I was bitterly disappointed when I saw it in NFS Most Wanted yesterday. I really wanted to be the first at something. Hopefully noone's got the La in a game yet and we can make it a Racer first.

    Thanks, I had an absolute blast at the GP. Didn't bother trying to get any autographs or anything, not that I had the time - too busy drinking.
    The noise of the F1 V8's are amazing. I knew they were gonna be loud, but every time they come around I swear they get a little louder. Thanks for reminding me about the pictures btw - I'd forgotten about them! I'll have a look and maybe post some on the weekend or something.

    If you have any ideas for anything graphics wise - shoot me a PM!
    It'd be nice to have this push racer along even just a bit. I know Dave's put some time into some scripting stuff and it seems to be working very well.

    There's currently just over 10000 polies in this car, however these days polycounts matter less than the # of materials, which I'm aiming to keep very low.

    It's getting a bit late here and I'm getting a bit lazy, so here's a picture dump. Please excuse the (apparent) lack of AA.
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  13. Hmm, of the active aero stuff, the rear spoiler's the only one that really seems to be visible - the front and rear diffusers apparently have active sections but I've only seen them in Ferrari's own 3d animated videos showing off the technology, so maybe they're on the underside or something.

    The reflections not smoothing like AA has got me wondering if an improvement can be made to the shader to not look like it does. Will have a play around. [edit: tried it; from none to a lot of blur, left to right. Not really effective. What it needs is to be using the local curvature to tell AF how fast tex coordinates are changing and I don't think per-pixel shaders have that info.]
  14. Hmm, I think on the 458 I solved that issue by using texturing it in a way that the shutlines didn't reflect as they went deeper into the cavity. I can't recall off the top of my head how nice it looked, but I'm sure it wasn't super sharp like the La. Were you trying to mip the texture down based on the viewing angle or what?
  15. Yeah, borrowing the fresnel info.

    I suppose you could also cook a mipmap map where the curvier parts were given higher mipmap values to help it bias them down. Probably excessive for such a minor effect though, since it'd use another channel or two.

    Just thinking about ways to make Racer stand out, since every game has HDR, live cubemaps, shadowmaps etc. these days.
  16. Hey Cam!

    What happened to your Ferrari 458 Italia? I really want it! :)
  17. I think Racer does stand out when you really spend some time on all the details... it just takes oodles of time hehe :D

    Indeed even after all these years the game that imo gets things the most right is still GT5. I can find very few faults in anything in the game generally... if you own a car that is in GT5 it's generally pretty damn right really, and conveys the real feelings pretty well, looks right etc etc!

    But I still think we can do better in Racer.

    Lets not even talk about games like Assetto Corsa though, again it looks good on the surface but I'm wondering about some details a lot. Those 1M interior shots for instance look very iffy with super gloss leather everywhere hehe :D

    As per the LaFerrari, I've been working on the car.ini but it's so hard with so few details. I'm guessing at track widths here for example. But making good guesses hehe.

    Right now it's running hybrid physics that uses KW/KJ energy systems as closely as possible for regen braking, engine regen, energy consumption and so on, so as much as possible the only real variables will be efficiency tweaks and battery capacity really. It's just trying to get the throttle delivery to be consistent or at least drivable. I may need to rethink how the overall system is done but as I tinker more it's getting simpler which is nice :D

    Also the set up of the car is tough to get right. The F458 was known to be sprung fairly gently and had fairly soft ARB's etc, but I really think with this car it'll be more race car so it's been set up at the stiff end for a road car, and fast and pointy steering etc... it'll still make rapid progress on bumpy roads just through sheer power and grip but it's happier on smooth roads/tracks.

    All in all it's fapping fast, and looks nice. It just needs some amazing sounds now to do it justice!
    I'm scouring V12 samples from all over GT5's cars with different mods so hopefully I can find enough samples that Cam can put together to create some audio magic too :D

  18. They seem to be doing a lot of comparison with the Enzo, this picture is kinda cryptic http://www.laferrari.com/static/000...t_laferrari_vehicle_dynamics_03_downforce.jpg as to whether it actually means track width, but they've said the CoG is 35mm below the Enzo's, and the height/width are 30 and 40mm less, so the track being 40mm narrower too isn't out of line.

    Given the electronic dampers, wouldn't be surprised if it's using less physical ARB, more technology to keep it flat around corners.
  19. Yeah it's hard to articulate all these modern systems via Racer right now.

    qscript started covering off certain things, and now onyx offers access to others, but no current way to do something like log damper distance over the last 0.5s for example (maybe set that up as a variable depending on different modes), and then interpolate between damper curves linearly depending on the travel distance (ie, lots of bumps, go to the softer curves, not many bumps, go to the harder curves)

    In pseudo code this is really simple stuff, but without access to the variables or crv loading code it's impossible... which is a great shame really.

    So we are left just making it feel ok and can't really get too involved.

    Yes, there is lots of data around hidden in videos and stuff. They actually quote the CofG as 375mm, so along with the roof height I can in theory get the ride height perfect, and the CofG perfect, which is quite useful as a starting point as that then gives us fairly reasonable guesstimates on suspension travel too.

    I'm still fairly open with the set up etc... I might yet do a 'soft' config like the F458 and see how it goes... it might work out really well but so far I've been messing with pacejka and hybrid systems more than the main suspension.

    I tend to spend a lot of time thinking how I'd measure certain variables to do with cars for making good physics in Racer, and I had a good one the other day for most of the wheel kinematics.
    Main issue now is getting a LaFerrari for a day haha :D

  20. Heh, if someone complains that it doesn't feel like their LaFerrari, then we can mine them for data :p
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