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LaFerrari handling

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Blkout, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. Anyone else feel like the LaFerrari badly understeers and lacks grip? I was willing to chalk it up at first to me not being used to driving the car but then I decided to jump into a race with 5 Pagani Huayra's against 5 LaFerrari's and I was driving one of the Huayra's. One thing I noticed right away is that the LaFerrari is a bit quicker than the Huayra in the straights which is what I would expect but can't keep up with the Huayra through the turns. The LaFerrari had to slow down so much for the turns that they just couldn't keep up with me at all. That doesn't seem right since the LaFerrari should be a much better track car than the Huayra given that it weighs less and makes more power and has more technology in it than the Huayra. At the end of the race, all of the Huayra's finished ahead of the LaFerrari's.

    I'm thinking this car is going to need some tweaking before its right.
  2. I don't feel that way at all, and i'm 3s quicker around 5km tracks with the LaFerrari.
    The LaFerrari comes closer to being a fair race to the Zonda R(still a fair bit slower) than the Huyara imo.
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  3. I'm just not seeing that at all and the Zonda R just flat out smokes the Huayra and LaFerrari in all of the races I've done. The only track I can think of that the LaFerrari might stand a chance is Spa since its very long and has a lot of straights to use its power to its advantage, but I can't imagine the LaFerrari winning against the Huayra or Zonda R in any other track currently in AC.
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  4. For me the LaFerrari smokes the Huayra badly at every track, it's faster on the straights and sharper on the corners.

    Not quite enough to match the Zonda R, but basically Zonda R>> LaFerrari>>>Huayra
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  5. Frank

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    The LaFerrari is faster on almost every circuit than the Huayra but quite a bit slower than the Zonda. I think that is pretty much intended.
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  6. Interesting, I'm just not seeing that in my testing. Hmm, and this isn't just my driving, its the AI driving too.
  7. please post your setup of the LaFerrari here and compare it to mine.
  8. The explanations are very simple.
    In first place the AI is dumb as a wooden stick.
    In second place with AI at 100%, AI is taking out about 80% of LaFerrari full capabilities.
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  9. Stock settings George, no tweaking. I'll give your settings a try.
  10. Did you race AI or Online?
    If you raced AI its normal, they just cheat...he hee
  11. AI
  12. that AI still the worst i ever seen..
  13. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    Come join us online, and you'll never have to deal with poor AI ever again :)
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  14. i have zo say the laferrari handles justawesome. theres no other car in the game that can be handled so well with the throttle. cornering aswell is amazing, it might seem slow compared to its straight line speed, but then again, i brake from 320 to 130 in just about 150 meters. or take a look at eau rouge: it does 220 through there and 240 through blanchimont, the gt cars barely have that on the straight. i would love to see it against the P1 though, hopefully the cooperation with mclaren holds that for us:)
  15. Must be me then. Thanks everyone. I'll just have to practice a bit more with this car.
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  16. Esox71

    Premium Member

    I cant get to grips with the laferrari either, thing is weird, I get this strange feeling that when i go into a corner a bit to fast so let off and counter to regain control the brakes feel like their locked on??
  17. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    This may be due to the traction control system that the LaFerrari has integrated with it's Hybrid KER system.
  18. After what i heard in this thread i decided to have a couple of races against the AI.
    Me in a LaFerrari + 3 AIs and 4 Huayras.
    I also tried adding a couple of slower cars for spice once.

    First finding, the Laferrari AI does suck, on a lot of other cars i get stuck in the middle of the pack and the AI can match up with me pretty well (GTs, T125, Tatuus, 458+12C), in the LaFerrari i drop them like it's nobody business.

    The LaFerrari AI still edges it against the Huayras, but much closer than i think it should be, and i gotta say the Huayra AI doesn't seem particularly fast as well their laptimes at Imola were disapointing.

    If you throw in a couple X-Bows and Lotuses they get crazy, with slower cars on track i lapped all Huayras and finished the race on the gearbox of one of the LaFerraris.
  19. I just drove it for the first time and elected to leave the online race after reaching the end of Kemmel on the first lap. It would not handle.
    I could not get it to turn in properly with the default setup. It just understeered all over the place.
    You can drive the McLaren out-of-the-box, and it is sheer pleasure.
    This...not so much.
  20. Because of the ridiculous speeds it reaches, you need to brake super early, when you get it to correct speed it actually turns in quite sharply for a road car imo.

    Keep in mind that i usually run the car in "factory" settings, if you are turning off ABS or TC things may vary.
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