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Cars LADA Granta CUP 0.96

Russian Touring car

  1. Anton Gruzdev submitted a new resource:

    LADA Granta CUP - Russian Touring car

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    Last edited: Apr 14, 2015
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  2. super very cool.
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  3. great! congratulations for initial release, still quite few things to iron out
    but looks very promising

    driver suit texture looks familiar :D

    btw. isn't there too much steering lock ? when statning still wheels can go almost 90 degrees?
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  4. Thank you, we will be a lot of work to improve the mod !
    Driver suit - this workaround. I want to do а LADA RAcing driver skin.
    Steering lok is too much, I'll fix it in the nearest update.
  5. Thanks a lot, i like this so much. But, any chance to see Vesta WTCC in nearst future ?
  6. I think I will start doing in the fall. Need a quality 3D model.
  7. I'm find one on humster3d. This is not free, but i hope users (include me) can donate for buy it.

    And one more question about customs skins. I'm begin create one, but if i choose my skin in ac, i'm still see default skin in the game and in LADA folder i see #20 livery, but in the game only red default skin. What i do wrong ?

    Sorry for my english, my prefery language is русский ))
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2015
  8. Denis, I suggest to discuss this on our Russian forum: http://www.htracings.ru/forum/topic/275-novaia-model-lada-granta-cup/page-7#entry76474
  9. would be great drive the new wtcc lada 2015 look awesome and now really competitive
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  10. rocafella1978

    Premium Member

    like it a lot!!! thx! just steers weird, would u kindly be able to share wheel rotation/ angle, so i can add to fanaleds XML pls
  11. [CONTROLS]
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  12. rocafella1978

    Premium Member

    thank you so much! much appreciate it Anton and really enjoying the car you and your team made! having a blast driving it!!! thx! and great support, some other mod'ders should learn from you!!!!
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  13. wow, one of the best drives in AC.....kunos should hire you.
    outstanding work:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  14. LOD-files, come with Version 1.0?
    Important for Online Racing.
    Can we hope that they come. Please!

  15. ronniej

    The dude Premium Member

    Very nice mod, fun car to drive, thanks again for this! Some interior details would be nice too.:thumbsup: