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WIP L1 Street Circuit (rFactor)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by wildside, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. After an unexpected criticism with my first track, i am trying to be careful on this one, especially with the AI lines because when adjusting on a track more than 7km long, it will be the slowest time to process, as this notebook computer is all i got; Also is the lack of the perception of reality, as i visualised erroneously with the placement of objects, taking the Circuit de Catalunya as an example, i did not expect the final result once shown to the public.
    And lastly, i only convert links into paid ones, with the exception of the direct download ones. As i'm a full-time college student, struggling to get a part-time job, this may be my temporary income source, and unfortunately, the jurisdiction where i am living, prohibits me from finding one, for simply being part of their ethnic group (EGGHEAD MOVE! ISN'T IT?)

    But anyway, i'll try to avoid these errors in this ongoing project: the L1 Street Circuit. It was firstly envisioned as a Street Circuit in Tokyo in mid to late September 1994 when i was in High School, but after using Google Earth, i figured out that it won't pair with it.
    I took reference to the T1 Circuit Aida where the track layout resembles the T1, and i created one that closely mimics the shape mentioned.


    The main straight is an exact fusion of a Start/Finist Straight, and the pitlane inside thesame section, yet i have adjusted the centre line to lie inside the grid rather than between the two areas, notice the "PIT" prior to the entrance, visible after exiting the last corner.


    I'll keep on positng more pics as i progress through development.
  2. Apart from commenting on the release/development of your track, here's one tip: unless you've gotten *really good* at making fantasy tracks, forget about making some $ from sponsored links to fantasy tracks. They'd need to be *really* good for people to be interested in clicking links and downloading them there. Fantasy tracks are, after all, a dime a dozen and most aren't really good enough to keep.

    Try publishing one more track as a tryout and then start making real life tracks that haven't been done yet. That's (imho) the only reason people would be willing to go thru sponsored links to download - because they haven't got that particular track yet (Mission Raceway Park, anyone?). If you stick with fantasy tracks, as said, they'd have to be *really* good first.
  3. If you want to earn money, you also should look very very close on some of the readmes, as sometimes they are restricted to non commercial use etc... and from my point of view, you would use them commercially when you try to earn money with your tracks (again).

    and for me, the layout doesnt look like okayama, and it looks like the very same corner 10 times, only different speeds on the approach.
    dont expect any constructive critics from me if youre using those moneylinks again, as i will not look at it. but it seems like it my "unexpected" criticism was not heard anyway. *shrug* i would have completed the first track instead of making a new... well, nevermind.
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  4. Yup, paid links don't belong to this community. We are all working on the non-commercial side, if my objects would be used to make money, i wan't some of it! So no CreamK XPacks shall be used in any project that asks money.
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  5. Track skeleton made an overhaul, so did the surfaces, and added terrain for xpacks. Just a bit closer there[​IMG]
  6. Unfortunately, due to troubles in development, as well as irreversible changes to the tracks width, in proportion to track objects, I have decided to cancel development and to start over again sooner in the future. So for the moderators, you may close this thread as i have to start again from the beginning