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KUNOS made me do it /sic/

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by gamer19, Oct 31, 2016.

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  1. Disclaimer: Nice Cube has nothing with this thread. :cautious:

    My fellow gamers, dunno about you but I ain't getting any younger and... I've finally had enough.
    I mean, really, every frickin version break sound for (all?) mod car ?!? Why and whata yuck ??
    I admit I'm a (a little bit:rolleyes:) control freak, on my HD everything has to be neat. I can't stand loose files, too big (4096, 20+ mb) livery textures (for me 2048, dx1 and 2,7mb is just fine for most of the time) so almost everyone skin I DL I have to resize, carefuly watch on alpha layer, save it, test it, etc...
    Then comes new skin version (mostly cause author forgot one * sticker:barefoot: oh well), ok, same and insanely interesting job all over again. And then, on top of it all - Kunos cavalry arives. With that "let's, why not, *uck thing up once again" attitude.
    I have no more nerves for this anymore. I think I'll uninstall ALL ADD-ONS CARS (not happy bout it but eh..) just leave some tracks (too bad they can't *uck up those too), I'll save so much space and all in all I anyway don't play it that much. Especially since I spend so many time on ...editing stuf. :alien:
    I'm not sure do they have to do it, I believe they somewhat try to "improve" sound with every new version but they really should consider make add on cars sound still works. Not every add on car has developer that is always around and willing to make changes for every * new version.
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  2. Dude this is only the 3rd time, ever, that they've broken mod sounds for 3rd party cars. Once in 2014 when they changed to fmod, once in 2015 when they updated fmod, and now once in 2016 when they updated fmod.

    Usually the only thing that breaks is mods touching original game files which Steam's updater will automatically replace. For example if you edit the MP4-12C files and then Kunos updates their version, if you have auto-updates turned on, it'll download that update.
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  3. Slyfrequency

    Premium Member

    They were improving the sound engine, not each car individually, so it couldn't really be avoided, I'm sure mods will slowly update over time.
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  4. Yeah, I like the sound updates. I'm at the point where i'm not sure if i'm going to reinstall the fonsecker stuff.
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  5. kunos

    Kunos Simulazioni

    wow, didn't even make it to the 3rd sentence before ..Mod-Edit<snip...No, you will NOT break our ToS. Read them again !>... nice.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 31, 2016
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  6. Jempy

    Premium Member

    I'm no modder, but I think if I was one .... I'd be fed up by changing tyres and sounds so many times it already happened since Early Access. !

    They are still so many details to add or correct than it shoud be maybe more interesting to change or add them first.
    Still no possibility
    - to even delete a setup ingame !??? ( difficult isn't it for an informatic expert ! )
    - to have a launched start in races and online
    - to have normal penalties in race and online better than those crazy Hotlaps ones .... except adding apps and having to control afterwards their application as admin. ( and make drivers mad because they are penalized afterwards ! )
    and this is possible as it's already applied for false starts. ( when they came, I thought penalties should quickly improve for cut )
    - more server settings possible
    - erase that stupid "Exit" when pressing 'Escape' in online mode .... ( better only when in pits )
    Who didn't press it by mistake once ?
    and these are only examples of things to correct and improve.

    AC is surely the sim I'm driving most ( and organize most ).... at each update, hoping things like that will improve .... and they never come !

    Nearly sure now that 5 mods on 10 will be updated with new sounds .... and the other ones will be left as they were. I understand those latest ones.

    I really also understand some organized and meticulous simracers as the creator of this thread.
    Maybe I remain a bit utopian to believe it will come one day .... and it should be a real pity if the features I'm thinking of should never see the day.
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  7. mister dog

    mister dog
    Premium Member

    If you're a modder you're working with a platform which is offered to you and where you can display your skills. If that platform is a product in development you know it will be updated over the years, so you shouldn't be surprised that your mod might need to be updated likewise once in a while. Same counts for users of mods bitching when a general update makes their mods outdated.

    If it would happen every month, yes i could understand people would be frustrated but that isn't the case.

    Would you rather have AC stayed in the state it was in 2 years ago and Kunos called it a day :whistling:?
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  8. Yeah, your writing really makes the most adult impression.

    In case you forgot, developers have no responsibility whatsoever to support modding and maintain that support, you have no rights in this regard - yet this sim is moddable from the ground up. Let that sink in.

    And then begin to appreciate that the developer spent lots of time to improve their sim to give you a more pleasant playing experience for free and give modders more ways to improve their mods. But here we are, people all over are complaining about mods (probably in majority ripped judging by some past posts in this forum) not working because modders haven't updated their stuff two weeks after receiving the SDK. Is the sim perfect? No. Does it need to be improved further? Absolutely. And they did just that.

    If you really can't live without some mods for two weeks I'd recommend either contacting the modders and giving them some incentive by donating and appreciating their work or getting some fresh air and doing something else with your life.
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  9. Sorry for noob question, but can anyone download FMOD and update the sound mods with simple instructions? So to not wait for the modder until there's an updated version of the car.
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  10. Jempy

    Premium Member

    I'm maybe younger or older than gamer19 .... but we surely appreciated the way it was done a few years ago .... one good base version and 1 or 2 big updates.
    ....with a new game version after 2 or 3 years.

    With time running, Internet allows easy and quick updates ..... and most products are not perfectly finished when they are released. It's a new way of working with its pros and cons ... launched a few years ago by RF2 or Pcars ( not sure of the 1st one in simracing ).

    Updating is of course fine ... but one day it has to become a finished version.

    And if this version is not perfectly what was meant .... than it should be better to declare it finished and begin working on a new game version.

    NB: commercial way or technical way meant now .... I think the 1st one is the main reason why it's done that way actually.
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  11. Just... ok, maybe:x3: this thread look too melodramatic a tiny bit too posy but please understand I'm just a man and under a lot of stress in these stressful situation (every similarity with Vettel on Mexico podium is ofc not coincidence) and as much am I annoyed by Kunos policy I'm perhaps even more angered by constant skins or any other imaginable mods updating.
    (and yes mr Kennedy and mr Wagnum, you know very well what I'm talking about:D) It's just geting tiring...
    Sometimes I even think...
    maybe Project Cars developers are right with their locked for modding files policy. You got many many cars and also a lot of track but that's it, that's all you got, we don't want you to mess up with our files, if nothing else, some kids will see on Youtube some (not so great) add on car on a (not really amazing) race track and thought "damn, this looks just like rFactor (1), I'll skip on this one". And that even wasn't REAL, original game features.
    I hope you catch my drift.
    Too many stuff equals many, many, lousy quality stuff, which you first have to DL, try, then or edit to your preference or delete. And time flies by. You can't really turn it back. Most of us have families which are more important than many of these pointless ...placeholders. Neffo's this Neffo's that. I mean, c'mon... :notworthy:
    Not to mention that with so many questionable mods to try out, we actually play less and less.
    Maybe we should have some judges who would test and rate mods then decide for which one would be published. By Racedepartment I mean. They can post it ...somewhere. But RD should have some standards. High standards if you asking me. :)

    Khm, so, actually, maybe this thread should not be focusing strictly on Kunos and could be titled as "Kunos guys are being too kind for leting us to fiddle around with THEIR game but, sadly, that could (and withouth doubt would) produce so many lousy experiments which could (and I'm sure they often ARE) make game looks not on the level that, compared to others, it really is".
    Not to mention, once:D again, those sound issues with (ok, almost;)) every new release.

    But that would be too long title I guess,:rolleyes: so I just cut it to this one from above. :p
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2016
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  12. Umm what? This isnt at all analogous. One is a whiny guy and the other is someone whose job it is to race in stressful situations.

    So you would prefer that Kunos completely get rid of modding? Or would have preferred they never had modding in the first place? Is this a joke or something. Few things said on this website have been more asinine. Well done.

    You do realize too though, that Kunos did the exact same thing as Pcars... You dont actually have to use the mods... That way, you will never have this sort of whiny complaint, since you would have never used mods, and never would have had the sounds break for the first time in 18 months! Novel concept, I know.

    Thank goodness Kunos doesnt listen to the community for ideas like this one. :rolleyes:

    If you dont like mods, why do you even use them then?

    Agreed :rolleyes:
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  13. Sorry but I don't see anything stressful in any of what you've posted. If your kids are seriously ill, that's stressful. If your wife is diagnosed with cancer, that's stressful. If you've just learned that your parents have early onset dementia, that's stressful. But a game update that leads to you not hearing some cars? Whatever. It's a game, if you find it too stressful go for a walk, or spend time with family and friends, or volunteer some time for a worthy cause - I gaurantee you'll find yourself a lot less stressed.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2016
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  14. And you presented it in such a lovely and charming way. [​IMG]
    Right a go mate. :thumbsup:
    With members like you... who needs bad news on the first place. :unsure:
  15. Just a reality check mate.
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  16. Bummer, I´m too late to read Kunos´s reply :x3:
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  17. Andreas Knöpke

    Andreas Knöpke
    Let's drive side by side! Premium Member



    Guess this means BYE BYE then. Ciao.
  18. RC45

    Premium Member

    It was probably just another derogatory rude spiteful and condescending remark insulting the very customers that pay their bills for them.
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  19. Jeff Huber

    Jeff Huber
    Premium Member

    Dude seriously. Do you speak English? Reading some of your replies and the OP made my head hurt. Speak like an adult so we can actually understand what message you are trying to convey.

    " Not getting any younger " ??......Reading what you typed , I would have thought you were about 9yrs old.
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  20. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    Okay this thread is doomed from the outset so I'm not even going to bother trying to moderate it.
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