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Kuadonvaara track

Discussion in 'RBR Mods' started by zuikki1, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. Kuadonvaara new winter track to RBR


    I have the thread at BTB forum but I place the thread here also as it is original format track. Maybe gets more eyes here.

    "EDIT: Status is released." The base job is done with BTB. Most of the track desing and planting objects etc. Offcourse many changes are made after to get all out from original format.

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  2. Looking forward to it. The stage name is rather peculiar though, I must say.
  3. I allready post about this great looking track to other topic. Very realistic looking track. Keep up good work with RBR, there is no other rallysim.
  4. Download link added to the first post
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  5. A very good special stage. Thanks!
  6. Cool stage, very well done. It is as good as original RBR winter stages or even better :thumbsup:
    I hope you won't mind me putting my pacenotes for your great track here:): Kuadonvaara pacenotes
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  7. Thank you for the Pacenotes. Its a good add if someone wants to drive it with the notes ! :)