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Skins KTM Xbow International Helmets 2.0

KTM Xbow International Helmets

  1. Flashcrow submitted a new resource:

    KTM Xbow International Helmets - KTM Xbow International Helmets

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  2. Good job! You're quick.

    ? Uh, actually these helmets will work with any other car livery that needs needs or wants a country HELMET_2012.dds. So good luck enforcing that.
  3. Obviously...... the comment was more of a way of letting people know that the helmets were matched to the KTM Xbow International skins....... It is the internet, and some people are not quite as sharp as a bowling ball....
  4. Polish helmet is pink and not red... :(
  5. Good enough.
    Its not a bad idea to help inform them. No bowling ball shall be left behind. but sometimes you have to wonder if maybe its the educators, teachers fault, in the way they present things.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2014
  6. Flashcrow updated KTM Xbow International Helmets with a new update entry:

    KTM Xbow International Helmets V2

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  7. Nice... :)
  8. cheers Vlodeck,
  9. Nice helmets!
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2014
  10. Cheers FONS!