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ksEditor: how to create "car_doorL.ksanim" and other ".ksanim" files ?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by eduso, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. Hello to everyone,
    does anyone know how to create "car_doorL.ksanim" and "car_doorR.ksanim" files so that in the showroom, when pressing the space bar the doors animation is triggered ?
    Thanks a lot.
  2. You need to export an fbx with each animation (just the empties that are animated), then after you've imported the main car's fbx, import the animation fbx using the menu option. It'll create a ksanim of the same name as your animation fbx. (eg. car_door_L.fbx -> car_door_L.ksanim)

    To get the doors to work in the showroom the audio also needs a door sound event. And you also need to create the 10 FLYCAM empties.
  3. Hello Stereo,
    it's very kind of you for the quick reply, and to mention the sound. Maybe I wasn´t exporting just the dummies (empties). I will give it a try. Thank you very much.
  4. I've made a test. For which I use the "TEMPLATE_CAR-demo-V1.fbx" (found in: Assetto Corsa/sdk/dev/car-pipeline-1.03/EXAMPLE FBX). It has animated doors.
    From 3d studio max, I've tried different exports (only empty dummies, and dummies with mesh). When opening the "TEMPLATE_CAR-demo-V1.fbx", in ksEditor, fine, the car appears. As soon as I open the different versions of "car_DOOR_L.fbx", the car disappears. The good news is that the ".ksanim" are created !
    Result: in the showroom the car has no doors and I haven't got a clue about what goes wrong... the fly cams seem to be included in the template car FBX, I will try to add sound, but I don´t think this will make the doors appear :)
  5. The KsEditor has an Animations tab, once you load the animation you should be able to use the slider to preview the animation. If it doesn't work then it didn't export right.
  6. thank you again for your time. My head is too messed up. With patience I guess I´ll find the clues step by step. It's a shame that the car pipeline 1.03, which is clear, is outdated,( the hierarchy, structure of the archives, etc,... is different today).
  7. I don't think anything in the pdf is wrong but it's also not a complete explanation.