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KS2 setup question

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by hagen72, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. Am I wrong or does the KS2 with the standard setup constantly scraps the ground at higher speeds? I hear a almost constant 'strange scrapping' sound ...

    So my newb questions:
    1. How can I check if the car bottoms out? In the replay I cannot see this.
    2. How to adjust ride height? Moving the 'rod' up and down?
  2. it is correct your hearing bottom out sound. stiffer spring or on more load to spring should do the trick.
  3. Hagen72 this sound u hear is that the car touches ground-bottoming out.
    So u have to make ur car higher-ride height.
    The options are:
    Stifer springs,more preload or more rod.I cant tell u what to choose because everything u change has as a result to change the hole behaviour of the car.Its up to u.My opinion:
    Look in the wings the poj.aero CP in the wings.Say for example 3.5 rear.
    Then look the ride height and say for example its 30 50.Then probably the front bottoms out and u make it higher(with options i told u).Then make higher the back also to keep ur balance the same.It will not be excactly the same but it will be better from making higher only front(because if only front then the front looses grip and the back gains more grip so it will be more undesteer).
    After making higher the front the proj.aero CP will be more in rear,for example goes 3.9
    So,make higher the back until the proj.aero CP becomes again 3.5

    Hope it helped :D
  4. Yes very much!

    So to keep (almost) the same understeer / oversteer behavior when adjusting the ride height I shoud keep the CP value the same.

    What is the CP value?
  5. Its how much downforce will hit the back or front..more to rear means more downforce to the rear,so more grip to rear..
    The cp must be always to rear because the formulas are a little higher in the back.

    It doesnt mean that everything u change u must see the CP..I told u how to change the ride height..to have a reference..Even if u do what i told u,u may find some understerr/oversteer...Thats why i told u it isnt for sure..

    Another thought is that for example u have ride height 40 50 and CP 3% rear.
    U change it..say 80 100(its example), u may have the same CP or a bit higher/lower.Even if u find the same CP,logic says that u made the car higher so u want more downforce(in general) than before.So, lets say u have wings 10 12.U have to make them to find the same CP at first but more wings.
    10 12 has 3 CP...Maybe 25 29 has 3 CP but now u have more downforce in general.And u want to do that because u made ur car higher and need more downforce than before.

    Sory for my bad english thats why i write a lot. :(
  6. I'm also struggling with the language ;-). Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation!
  7. How do I notice if the tires are worn out?

    After how many km is this usually with the KS2? (Assuming aggressive driving)
  8. the 1st few laps will have the car handling as you meant it to, that is it will track and turn in as per your setup. After 10 or so laps the car will start to feel a bit less reponsive handling wise - more understeer, oversteer etc - you can generally feel the tyres going past their prime heat/grip window, the moreso with the lesser cars such as the 1600 and 1800.