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Tracks Krajiska Zmija hillclimb 1.0

Cazin Grand Prix, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  1. Lemax submitted a new resource:

    Krajiska Zmija hillclimb - Cazin Grand Prix, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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  2. ouvert

    Premium Member

    great thanx .. I was road tripping over there few years ago .. fun roads to drive ..
  3. The dirt version is my new favourite AC track. Many thanks!
  4. very nice track!! compliments for all job ;) but I found a bug :( in the curve that I marked in red, if you go straight on the pole the car stops [​IMG]
  5. WoW really cool track..very very well done..the details, the tarmac, everything's very good(except for a little bug already reported) i'm having so much fun..thank U for this great mod! ;)
  6. An very fun and nicely made track. Unfortunately, it doesn't show up in AC 1.5.9 launcher anymore. Any one else has this issue?
  7. Hi Lemax, no news on Miseluk's update? :(
    You should definitely create a thread here :)
    thanks for your work!
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