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Krajiska Zmija hillclimb - Loading problem

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by sti228, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Hi. I want drive in this road but i can't because it's crash AC every time in loading screen. Someone have the same problem ? :( Here is my folder location.

  2. You downloaded the version from here? http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/krajiska-zmija-hillclimb.6064/
    Maybe the car is the problem, try an official car from the game. But don't use this track with Time Attack, only practice or hotlap.
    And don't use a modded weather mod, maybe is not compatible, use a weather default from the game, the same with pp effect.
  3. Yes i have this one. I try every possible way but still the same. I think problem is folder location. So strange because i use this road before with no problems.

    I also delete my Assetto Corsa folder in My Documents. Reinstall game and install it again. I try official car BMW M3 E30 Drift upgrade. Choose hotlap/practice and get the same loading crash.
  4. So only this track doesn't work? Remove it, download again, and install it.
  5. Yes, only this track don't work for me. You have the same folders to ? Already do this steps but don't help.
  6. What is your version of Assetto Corsa?
    You should have the latest version, I think.

    Another idea, you can also try to re-download the track.
    It works fine on my side in v1.4.3, with any modded cars, modded weather, etc.
  7. Yes, i have AC version 1.4.3 and i also download track again. Get the same error :( I need to copy/paste BONUS-dirt Version folder to ?

    This is how my folder. Hope everything is correct.

    Last edited: Feb 16, 2016
  8. I just checked my folder, it's the exact same as yours.
    I did copy/paste the content of the dirt version in the main folder like you too.
    I don't understand...:(
  9. I have had times that if I have severely mis matched AI then the combo will crash back to the setup screen, when this happens I have found that choosing a practice session will reset everything and let the track and car combo load fully.
    Hopefully that can help
  10. Thank you all for help. Nothing helps and i install windows 7 again. Problem solved and finally i load this road :)