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Helmets Kovalainen 2013 Helmet 1.0

heikki's helmet from austin and brasil

  1. Unless you can post a pic, its hard to comment. :(
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  2. I don't like it too that i can't upload screens. But i will try it in different ways
  3. Take a screenshot ingame ;)
  4. I know how to do that, the program what i use to upload the screens to this forums let me down and not the screen making itself. I have the screens i just can't upload them
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  5. Use imageshack or photobucket... website
  6. press "Ctrl+PrintScreen" this copies your screen open up "Paint" you get with standard Windows and just press "Paste" So Simple;)
  7. It looks OK... Good helmet for being a first :geek:
  8. They need to be Jpeg format and less than 200kb in Size:thumbsup:
  9. Tonight i will get some screens
  10. I'm not that dumb that i don't know that ;). I just hope that RD one time a feature adds that you can add screens directly from the folder instead of a internet link
  11. Thanks !
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  12. realitychecked


    You can use imgur, Photobucket or ImageShack for image sharing. :)