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Released Kormoran 2003 Rally SS1 Poland

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by martinez, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. Dowload here:

    The track is based on videos from real Rally of Kormoran 2003. More story of my track you can find here:

    Track's length: 10,1 km
    Track's surface: 99% gravel, 1 % tarmac

    I would like to thank:
    - Jonathan Johansson and Lakimakromedia for their friendship, help and ideas :)
    - the RD community as a great source of knowledge and support.
    - and neverending thanks for Brendon Pywell, all people who were involved in making the BTB and to SCI for Richard Burns Rally.

    Dowload here:

    My principals were not to make a copy of real track (due e.g. to lack of documentation), but to give the impression and atmosphere of Polish rally tracks.

    The track is finished now, yet I'll make some upgrades like:
    - objects: cars, some more decoration (plants, skid marks etc.)
    - some LODs have to be checked again
    - overal optimizing to get improved track's performance and better framerates
    - more things I will find to improve (or if you tell me what else can be done :))

    I will appreciate any comments from you. I hope you will enjoy the stage.

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  2. Very nice martinez! i will download it now and do some driving tomorow and then post a nice review :)

  3. chicken at left ....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rally:

    fantastic, how do you do that??
  4. Which chicken? There are three - two at the left when you reach tarmac after left hairpin and one coming in 80 meters before 90 right near the waste bin. Some more are there??? You were probably too busy fighting with the wheel... Some optical illusions?? Interesting - maybe I put there some of my voodoo soul, so looks like magic? :D
  5. there was three, did you see them?.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rally:.............not, Im busy fighting with the wheel!!!!

  6. I drove the track again... indeed, there are plenty of them!!!
    Look at the picture and it shows everything :)
    This was the very first time I've used LOD In :)
    Hompe called it "method" - I was laughing like hell testing it first time :D For me it's just funny addition to the stage, so I just call it not "method", but "chicken" LOL
    I would be happy if somebody asks in some future W.I.P. track: "What kind of chicken are you going to make in your track?" :D :D :D
    I shared the idea with Jonathan before my track was finished, so he's chicken are great camera's flashlights - you should check them too! And Hompe has now +5 to patience, because he promised me to wait with flashlights untill I release my track. And he did! thanks! :)

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  7. Did you see any duck?!!! :rally:.............not!!!................yet
  8. its en nice track maybe littel 2 smal
  9. Great stage. Very very good job. It gives you a lot of pleasure to drive on it!! Pacenote is very clear.
    The only remark is that at some crosspoints, it's sometimes a bit confusing where you have to go (specially at the beginning of the stage after the tarmac section).
  10. What a great stage! 8)

    A much smaller road to what I'm used to here in Finland but still very enjoyable, especially with a less powerfull car. :) I also like the rough feeling because of the all bumps and ruts in the road. Makes you feel like you have started with number 60 or so and you have to fight with the car to keep it on the road.

    Very nice details and super cool vegetation, it's just as dense as in real world. Also the track doesn't feel monotonous at all because there are several clearly different sceneries involved and a great number of different textures used with the road surface as well as the vegetation, trees and details. I'd say that your track is one of the best BTB stages especially texturewise. :good:

    I'm surprised how good the framerates are but still it's not as smooth as some of the BTB stages. What do you think, is there a possibility of further optimization or have you done everything you can considering this subject? Anyway, great stage!
  11. Some video from version 0.9. Not the best driving, but quite good time ;)

  12. Looks very nice, funny the guy held by 2 policeofficers at the end (maybe drunk and ****ed up disturbing other visitors?? :D and the policeofficer standing not really stable :) Nice chicken, good effect, looks really real in the video! Will try the stage soon for sure!
  13. staze

    Great stage!

    I like the great textures youve done! the gravel looks great and varies into different types along the stage to keep it exciting all the way to the finish, the gravel to grass transition looks good too and it really has that nice polish rally atmosphere to it! and the trees and bushes are very nicely done! and i really like to drive through the polish town and see all those scratchbuilt buildings along the way, and the polish spectators and various objects are also great :wink:

    The performance is great on this stage too, i know you didnt do alot of unnecessary terrain fields like i did on limbo and you kept the number of materials and textures down too, this stage has about 30% of the amount of textures my limbo has, and that sais it all :tongue: And yeah every tree has its own carefully placed collision object which makes this track really dangerous once you get off the road and i like that :) i can see how much time has gone into this stage!

    And offcourse the chicken is what makes this stage really spectacular!

  14. Thanks for your quick comments! I'm happy you like the track so far. Also, negative feedback will be appreciated too :)
    To answer some of your feedback:
    - yes, the road is narrow - first of all I tried to make something like I saw on the videos. The second - I wanted to build some track that would be different of what we had before. There's no accounting for tastes though... Making it wider is not possible now - I spent the whole month positioning terrain's vertexes - no more, thanks! :)
    - for directions on the route - again I tried to get close to the mood of real world like on the movies. You know, in Poland drivers usually know stages very well, so they even could drive without co-driver ;) That was my idea to make it a little confusing and I see it works :) Anyway, I'll maybe put some things here and there that will tell "better not drive here" ;)
    - Polish roads are in bad condition very often, not only rally stages (!) - some friends of mine who are real rally drivers told me that my track is almost perfect if speaking of roughness, surface condition and such things.
    - I really had an idea of making this track almost right after I bought BTB one year ago. Then I knew nothing of BTB, track building, methods etc. This is really the third version - the last one (I will of course do updates I mentioned).
    Many ideas and observations taugth me how important the optimization is, especially for bigger tracks with many objects. One idea was to limit the number of materials as much as possible. That's way I had to use texture sheets for objects. Since I'm not able to extract objects from original RBR stages, and from the other hand I've learned some 3d creating - I liked some of the original objects and make quite close copies of them myself. I also won a possibility to mix my own textures with existing models and modyfing them was just a cheescake :)
    So I took some of the vegetation from original sheets, added my own materials form my photos, place everything on my sheets and made my models of the vegetation. The same with buildings. If you look on objects/vege textures - most everything you don't know is mine :) I like it very much too have something of my own in my track.
    - Road/terrain textures: it's actually 3 kinds of gravel (+ 2 crossovers), 2 tarmacs and one junction (the first one is just big square with painted road and terrain) - that's it ;) I was very happy that bump maps added some more details to the roads. Then for now there are two patches that cover some impossible track merging, I will add two more with some skidmarks etc. - there's still place on the texture of them ;)
    The textures are made by me, they are mixtures of some from cgtextures.com and my photos/editing
    The same with terrain - the main grass is from Default XPack, mixed with my shots, one texture I took directly form some other track (I hope the Creator will not be angry at me), the brown field (Ground11) is from some Czech track - modified, Ground10 directly from cg, bare_grass and grassForest are from my shots. This makes 15 textures altogether + one junction :) Then I used terrain materials blending of course.
    Backgrounds are all mine. Maybe they could be bigger size, but I was crazy about optimizing, so I made them small. When you jump into trees in forest, you can see that they are little blured. Then I'll say my track is for driving, not for sightseeing ;)
    - Framerates: my notebook is not fast any longer today - Core2 Duo 2 Ghz, 4 GB RAM, NVidia 8600M GT 512 Mb on Win XP SP3, so that always makes me to think of optimizing things as much as I can. I have mostly 60-65 pfs, 55-60 in forests, then I have no damn idea WHY it slows down on that first junction from tarmac into the forest. Just for 2 seconds, but drops down to 35... grrr! Making this big junction on one texture was one of my tries - nothing really changed (maybe +2 fps) - good thing for me it looks now much better :)
    Some track stats:
    - 28 170 objects, including over 1500 collision cones. I really cannot say how many objects are in SObjects... Average LOD Out for objects (omit collisions) = 180 - very unprecise, but that's what BTB says now.
    - 34 000 terrain's polygons (29 500 are driveable and collidable). Average LOD Out for driveable areas = 240
    I think I've reached some limit for my machine. There were 2200 collision cones - I got probably crazy and wanted to make almost every tree you can reach collidable - in that case my fps were 55 instead of 60 - a big deal, right? Collision cones have just 3 faces and have LOD Out = 1...
    Look at the size of the file 'objectlist.ini', or better open it with notepad - you don't have to - it says at the top: count=6104 which means roads + walls + terrains + objects + SObjects = everything... ;)

    I think my track shows how important is optimization and how many aspects it has.
    Still, I'm going to check everything once again and try to make it better. I don't have to promise since I'm devoted to this track as it was my first big work. Without BTB I would never even think of making such thing :) :)

    If anybody is interested, I will share with all my xpacks I used in the track - textures, objects, walls. One little problem is with vegetation since it's not perfect technically (e.g. red dots ouside of the trunks, unnessarily grouped faces in Sketchup which causes splitting one object for more in BTB etc.). I will make new and much better xpack with trees I used there - also for my future, so I need to ask you for some patience with it.

    Thanks again for your comments, I really enjoy that people download it :)
  15. fantastic job!flat out
  16. Watch the police!!!!...................:rally:.............chickens, police,..........what a stage!!!!
  17. Great job! It's very interesting to drive.Very well done. The only thing I should noticed is that sometimes the crosses junctions are not very clear. It's not always easy to find his way. Except that it has very good ideas and new things and textures! Thank you
  18. Martinez, Tnx !

    Managed to create some jumping cows ;) Very good, tnx, still laughing my brains out, like you did 1th time :D
    Tnx m8.
  19. Did not remembre this until yesterday... downloaded it and the driving has not stopped since. Excellent track!
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