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Korean GP circuit first F1 run with Karun Chandhok (onboard lap)

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Dean Lawrence, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. i did a search and couldn't see this. apologies if it's been posted before.
  2. By this video, I doubt the circuit will be finished in time. Don't understand also why those walls like a street circuit in the first corners.
  3. nice find, lots of turns for drivers to memorize in free training on Friday, we might see one of the backmarkers doing some top ten times that session. Come Saturday it will be back to the regular top ten drivers. Love all the whining and griping in the YouTube comments. Give the track a chance I'd say, let's wait for the first race to be over before judging.
  4. i don't really like anything from this track. it's not unique and neat at all. just looks like a normal track that has no value.