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Korea Pit Exit

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Jay Jones, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. On F1 2010, i noticed that the Korea Pit Exit was after turn 2, whereas, when i watched the race live, it fed into turn 1. Have they fixed this for F1 2011 or do we still get fed out into the straight after turn 2?
  2. yes its fixed :)
  3. The original plan for the Korean race was to have the pit lane exit like it was in the game. However it was deemed unsafe because the cars coming out the pits wouldn't have been able to see cars coming through turn 1 and because the exit came straight onto the apex and racing line there was a risk of big accidents. I'm assuming it's fixed to how it was in the actual race for this season.
  4. Wasnt the pit out at Monaco changed recently too? I thought i remember that instead of going around the curbing (to the left of it)- you stay to the right and blend in going up the hill?

    or was it changed from that to what we have in the game?
  5. Yeah it changed to that I think in 2006? Not sure of the year

    EDIT: Sorry I completely misread the post lol Yeah it's been fixed so they go to the right rather than the left.
  6. It has i think been fixed:D
  7. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Well as for Monaco ive always gone to the right of the curbs when exiting pits otherwise you would be crossing the line and would normally encure a penalty, hopefully that has been implemented this year so ppl coming out take more notice of any white line.
  8. I know you are supposed to go to the right of the curb, but the pit out in f1 2010, dumped you out just before the corner and it was your call to right or left of the curbing - more often than not, i was being wiped out by AI coming out of the pits, and broadsiding me trying to make the curbing.

    if its fixed - which i hope it is- then great! :lol: i just hope i dont get taken out in any more accidents because the AI isnt following orders lol.