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WIP kokkosenlahti/sattilantie 28km!

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by madmike, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. kokkosenlahti/sattilantie 28km!

    real road in finland based real elevation data!

    This course requires a modern computer to work best!



    there is no pacenotes! but the next version they are!
    there's still much work left add collision!

    hope you like wery fast finish road:smile: -----> http://www.filefront.com/15687621/sattilantie v2.rar

    next release coming soon:smile:
  2. This track is essentially a small test before these legendary stages Neste Rally Finland, I wanted to know the performance capability of the program!
  3. Looks great from video. I downloaded and will try later:smile:
  4. Gundars

    Pedal to the metal Premium

    Great track Madmike,beautiful finish roads,,just can't wait for 2-nd version with pacenotes to better enjoi it :thumbup:
  5. Great track. But is it really necessary to have the water-drains near the track on so many places? Sometimes my back is going out...I am rolling so often and my front wheels are on the road in each case...
  6. I think the track itself is great. The profile of the road is awesome to drive.. hopefully you will finish the track with density that the great road deserves.. Real ( new buildings ) and not the ones from gb tracks.. For the ditches.. I think would be more better to build them to the terrain area and not to the road surface.. Easier to control the project and the places and the shape of the ditch. Look the sweet lamp rally track.. - very nice work with the ditches.. edit: and of course more variable road surface... Look at original rbr stages... That is one thing that made the stages feel real.. - in btb you can make this adding another alpha channel track on top of the basic track or adding "skidmark" walls on top of the track....
  7. I actually think the road should have the ditches all the way and not only in the bends. Please have a look at Finnish roads:

    About the ditches... I agree that you have better control over the shape if they're made of terrain, but it's a hell of a lot of work to make them and I know from experience. The Sweet Lamb track ain't that long so you could well do it the terrain way but it's A LOT when the track length is 30k. As for the textureing of the road, that kind of tool will be implemented in the v0.9 of BTB so I'd wait for that.
  8. Looks really great, I agree those ditches could have some more randomness. And again, I see there's something wrong with stage times/records. But congratulations on the track :) Please do not forget to build some more wider terrain :)
  9. I have some graphical problem starting from 7km. White lines are flashing all over the screen. Tried several times and they start at the same spot every time. I suspect that you have some bad mesh in that region but i'm not sure.
    Also there are one error obj_79_0 under Mesh and object 881 error message under Geometry on loading screen. Maybe they are related to that flashing
  10. Can you add new link ?