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Koenigsegg CCGT - Nordschleife

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Setups' started by Vaughn Stegeman, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. I've been messing with this setup now for a few days It's based on the SimBin setup for this car and track. I'm pretty happy with it for the most part, but at times the car just refuses to steer. Particularly at higher speeds. Turn the wheel and the front tires just slide. I'm not sure how to fix it, or perhaps it's just the nature of certain parts of the Nordschleife that's causing this. After all, it IS the Green Hell, and the areas where I lose steering are pretty consistent. Otherwise, I got 'er to stick pretty darn well, if I must say so myself. Good acceleration characteristic too I think, but still gotta be a little gentle on the initial throttle. Just the nature of the beast really. I tamed it as much as I dared.
    Try it out please! Any comments and tips MUCH appreciated. I'm still quite a novice at creating these setups.
    Incidentally, I currently use a gamepad for racing, so it may well be that this setup is better suited to that than a wheel/pedal set. I can't know myself, but would be interested in comparisons and comments on that. ... I hope to get a mid-grade wheel when I can afford one. Vet bills first tho. :whistling:

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  2. Not exactly related to the setup itself, but if I may...

    The real CCX is extremely "savage" - a lot of care is required when stepping on it. Mainly because it lacks enough negative lift on the back (the overhangs are very short and aerodynamics needed some additions) - the rear end snaps all too easily when taken to the limit, as the Stig proved at TG's track. If one uses proper tires and aerodynamics in GTRE, this "savagery" is much too evident.

    The GT version, CCGT, has a properly developed race-pack aerodynamics (GT1-spec rear wing and diffuser), it was therefore quite easy to maintain car balance with it (according to Bard Eker, one of the test drivers).

    SIMBIN, though, did not quite properly develop the tires for this car - or any of the others (a recurrent problem with SIMBIN and even ISI, even though a notable improvement happened from GTR2 to Race07->GTRE), and as a result forces developed are insufficient even with a front splitter of 2 and a rear wing set at 12º (you're using 1 and 8º). The car needs to achieve very high speeds for its downforce to be effective. And this because the relationship slip angle vs lateral force and slip ratio versus longitudinal force is wrong (not enough at lower loads, excessive at higher loads).

    That said, in spite of that, GTRE's CCGT drives well and does not require knife-sharp reflexes as GTR2's MC12 or iRacing's C6r (2012) - even at the Nordschleiffe.

    I can imagine, though, that trying to control such a powerful car with a gamepad must be quite a challenge.

    Good to see you're enjoying yourself, m8.
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  3. Has anyone tried this setup yet? I'm really really curious what others think of it. Also any tips on setups would be greatly appreciated. What have I done right, and what have I done wrong sort of thing.