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Known Issues

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by Scott Webber, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Please post Bugs and issues here so Reiza can see, please this is not a place to complain or have a discussion in.

    Known Issues for Multiplayer

    • Saving Setups on "Multiplayer" causes the guy to get kicked for a mismatch
    • voting to skip a session to the next round (we voted for race as we we're in Quali) caused all of us to get kicked back to the main menu.

      Graphical Issues

      Skidmarks show through the cockpit interior
  2. Pete Bone

    Pete Bone
    Premium Member

    I have a problem, its the same that put me off of GSC and rF1. The FFB is reversed and i can't find any settings to change it. The wheel(DFGT) gets pulled into the corners and its very unnerving.

    Any ideas anyone?

    i7 3770K, 8gb ram, Win 7, GTX670 2gb, DFGT, Clubsports(v1), TH8RS
  3. Under controls at the bottom theres a setting "Force Feedback Strength" it goes from -100 to +100, change that to - or + depending on which way it is now e.g. if your on -100 change it to +100
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  4. If I try to play with my wheel settings on 900 degrees the truck hardly steers. I tried all settings in-game (also steering lock) but only when set to 300 degrees max its 1 on 1 with on-screen steering wheel and the truck actually steers.
  5. I use 720 degrees with 26 steering lock and it feels good to me.Don't know what the real wheel rotation is though (real life car).
    To match the virtual steering wheel with your choice edit the controller.ini located in your Userdata folder->Your name.
    The line you have to edit is :Steering Wheel Range="xxx"

    By the way, is it from my side something wrong or the second gear is actual 1st?
    I mean i see the lcd change to second gear but the truck behaves like it was on first.
    Maybe it is the way it meant to be as in the garage there isn't 1st gear ratio setting.
    Who knows, i have never drive one of those monsters (and never will :()
  6. yes it is, in setup there are only 5 gears starting fron 2nd but in the motec ....
    ...anyway who cares? normally I use only the last 3 gears and the 3rd is only for start, torque is enormous
  7. Ok got it up and running,but I have a question
    is it possible to make the game recognize 2 controllers,wheel (CSW) and pedals (CSP) separately
    I have to connect my pedals to my wheel now to make it work instead of having my
    wheel and pedals connected separately threw USB cabels

  8. Yes, game can recognize more than one controller.
    I'm using a G27 and a custom pedals set with separate usb.
  9. Thanks anestis will take a look at it tomorrow must be doing something wrong
  10. Also try setting speed sensitivity to zero, guys. :)
  11. martinsalat

    Premium Member

    you have to change it in the controller.ini .from 270 to 900.and set steering lock to 33
  12. No rear view, all you see is the inside of the cab and can't toggle the map overlay.
    Great sim btw :)
  13. You have to edit the yourname.plr file inside userdata->yourname folder.
    Find this line :Self In Cockpit Rearview="15" and change 15 to 0
    Self In Cockpit Rearview="0"
    Agree, the sim is great.Nice job from Reiza once again.
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  14. Got a problem with the download. When i run the exe, it stops with InterlagosTextures.MAS. I try to re-download but it didn't succed just at the end (8 hours !!!)
    I turn off MSE but still doesn't work.
  15. it's wanted for realism as in GSC
  16. Guys please post issues here, big bugs, not general questions.
  17. Thanks for the help.. sry didn't realize it was a easy fix,
  18. The Mercedes have the shades on the rear still :p Only noticed it while on the late afternoon session :)
  19. Don't know if this is a serious bug but it seems as if the skidmarks on the road appear inside the cockpit, I don't know if anyone else has seen this ?
  20. Eric Bergeron

    Eric Bergeron
    Premium Member

    Transmission problem, :O_o:

    There is no difference between the first gear and the second even though the figure are different in the garage :cautious: