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Released Kinura Track

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by QuadCoreMax, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    Here's one of my newest tracks along with some more to be released soon...
    Enjoy !
    Qlogged with 0.8.39...




    Please consider donating as it take lots of time to develop


    Kinura Track Download
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2015
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  2. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    THX dude, testing!
  3. Thanks Alex...

    What's the problem guys, you're all hiding & just giving no feedback at all ?
    You could at least show some respect & love for all the time I've spend creating this track & other stuff.
  4. Hey, don't worry :D For me one of the best tracks you've ever made :) Nice for testing new cars ;)
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  5. Cool then...;)
    I'll update once in a while & scatter some more content into the map.
  6. althought it appears everything pink with 8.40 version its a very good track, dont forget content and some brand adds :D, its a racetrack after all
    Great Work
  7. I've got one more question. Is it posible to turn off this strange fog wich shows on start, before I change time?
  8. Thanks Pedro !
    Keep in mind, it was designed with 0.8.39 & so at some point, there will be an update.

    Pradzio, I think that strange fog you mean is the extinction_factor curve. If you open the console & do a 'edit tod' command, then press space bar, you can modify on fly all curves.
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  9. Yes yes, thats why i mentioned it, to help you out ;) but the work is excellent, the Lamborghini seamed to react very good to every bump and elevation. may i suggest a pit to had a more trackday enviroment ? :D take care my friend, keep up the great work, im restarting the crx fallowing your's plus Bobs advices soon.
  10. How do you mean a pit ? If you have a reference image, I'll take it from there.
    Good luck with your CRX, keep notes when you have succeed the conversion/creation work, so you won't forget in the future.
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  11. I haven't got many FPS on it...
  12. As in the pit building where cars park up or get maintained etc during racing.


  13. Tried Kinura, good job. Lil Lake had all kinds of problems and needs a lot of work.
  14. I suspect the shaders beeing the cause...
    Or maybe something else, like packing/combining polies together.

    You saw, even merging huge blocks under 20-22K (Racer limit geodes) & having only some dofs, doesn't do anything good to our FPS.
    Any ideas, or tests are welcomed...

    I thought more holes & not pit stops...I'll create a collection of pit stops to project directly where I want them to be & update from there.

    Filtering some stuff, I unfortunately messed up a little the cleaning, you know it's my original testing track, so I'll fix it soon too.
  15. well i'm referring to something like this but simpler

    about the CRX its going slower but its going, although i think i must stop using zmodeler and start using blender. just textured 2 sets of headlights and bought forza 3 to extract an interior, i may use some other parts it depends on how it looks
  16. link does not work, please upload this track again
  17. All links updated & they should be permanent hopefully. :)
  18. Little update on the 1st post pictures :)

    As you might know, the latest Racer versions are way to 'unstable' to do an update, unfortunately...
    Who knows when the next AMD friendly version will come out.

    Much Love